Juventus Museum

The Juventus Museum is probably one of the best museum presentations in existence. (I should also note Torino as an entire city is better fully presented to the public than any other historic city I have visited.) The museum uses all available space and media to present an emotional and inspiring history of Juventus. If a visitor comes at first indifferent to either football or Juventus, or even if the come with a slight dislike of the team, they will surely leave with a changed mind.

Upon entering the museum, you walk along a curved white and black wall to a circled opening. There the various moments in Juve’s history are projected along the wall, while upbeat and motivating music plays in the background. The motivating music plays throughout the entire museum experience. The path then continues to the first attraction: the Trophy Room. 


This Trophy Room alone would have been enough to inspire a visitor, it is an incredible display. Each trophy is in its own separate case.  Three TV screens are placed along with these cases, The room starts dark, then the TV’s begin a count up from 1897 (the year Juve was founded) to this year, as it passes a year a trophy was earned, the trophy case lights up. By the end all are lit up, and the TV’s play clips of winning these. There then is a random choreography of the lights accompanying the music which plays.


Upon leaving this room the hall leads a little further before it opens up into a spacious room which is the full museum. On this entrance wall is a map showing all the places in the world Juve has played, and an introduction to the team. This wall includes quotes of famous players and various football celebrities, about Juventus and the team’s mentality (which is winning). This also has three TV’s playing a short film, mainly interviews with players, about what Juventus means.


In the main room, the history of Juventus is laid out on one wall. The visitor begin at the formation of the team, with the original manuscript written in 1897. Along this edge there are displays of historic memorabilia, and team equipment for each major period throughout history. This wall also includes historic photographs and even more quotes summarizing each phase of Juventus. What was most helpful to any visitor is that there is also short paragraphs which tell of the history of the team. This information is very well-organized, that was understandable even to someone new to the team and football history.This information and stories included information on all Juve’s unfortunate setbacks but more importantly their comebacks.

Along the opposite wall includes a display of the jerseys for every player who appeared more than 300 times with Juve. The record being Alessandro Del Piero with 705 appearances. Past this was an incredible artistic display which uses mirrors and only 6 Tv screens to create the illusion of a giant football covered in TV screens, playing various moments of Juve.

So far Juventus has used written history, photography, personal quotes, historic memorabilia and video to inspire videos.They then use the full room, to add even more of an experience. In the center of the room they use even more media and points of interests to appeal to everyone. There is a display of antique Juventus toys and souvenirs such as cookie jars, teddy bears, tins and signs. These antiques were fun to see as they connected modern visitors to the fans of the past.

To incorporate even more past media connections, there are three stations set up with Radio Shows, Cinema appearances and TV appearances of Juventus through the years. Visitors may put on provided headphones and choose a year to watch or listen to these shows as they like.


Further there is another modern media display, which is a projection of the coaches, Lippi and Trappatoni, in front of a recreation of the benches. These projections then are connected to a display where visitors can choose a subject and the display will interact with the visitor.


For the final central display there is the Golden Ball, with displays showing the winners of this trophy throughout time and the option at stations to choose a winner and watch all of his goals with Juve. There are multiple screens so there will never be to long a wait for a visitor to interact with the display.

To conclude the wall with history finishes with the inauguration of the Juventus Stadium, and a brief display of Juventus’ achievements in recent years. However after that visitors enter a closed circular projection room which is outfitted with turf to watch a 6 minute video to sum up the Juventus experience. This video is a montage of Juventus moments, showing the wins, struggles, courage and inspiring times of the team.

The Juventus Museum truly uses every form of media as well as interactive displays to appeal to every type of visitor. It also uses it’s presentation so well that is become as a research library for the team. The presentation enhances the public experience immensely, it also provides an incredible emotional connection to the team.

Even if you have little interest in Juventus the museum is worth a visit if you happen to be in the area. The presentation of the museum is incredible enough that everyone will find something interesting.

More museums should look into Juventus’ display as they can learn much. The museum is only 2 rooms, yet makes the most of it. If more historic museums presented this well we would definitely see and increasing interest in the museums and their collection, along with an increase in attendance.

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