Puglia: Bari and Polignano

Every August the whole country of Italy essentially shuts down (don’t worry if you were planning a trip the touristic areas and museums are the only things still open) That may sound dramatic, but really it becomes difficult to even find a supermarket close by. This is due to Ferragosto, the holiday celebrating the Assumption of Mary, which has become the official Summer Holiday. The solution to escaping the dead cities and unbearable heat is to go to the Sea or the Mountains. With a friend, we chose the Sea, and we chose to head back south and see a new region, Puglia.

With only three days we didn’t have the opportunity to see much, only Bari and Polignano a Mare, but after this visit, I am sure I will be back to visit even further down the Italian heel.

Polignano A Mare Sea
The view from one of the Free “Beaches” at Polignano, this one was more a cliff of rocks, but you could sit and be sprayed by the crashing waves.
Street Scene Polignano A Mare
The streets of Polignano
Vespa Bari Vecchia
All the winding streets of BariVecchia were filled with Vespas, I decided to take all the photos and start anew Instagram: @NotMyVespa
Bari Vecchia Pasta Making
Everywhere you walk you can find the nonne of Bari Vecchia making fresh Orecchiete and Taralli to sell (they were amazing!) *Photo by: Sara Faloughi


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