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How you can help Italy during the Coronavirus Crisis

The current CoVid-19 crisis has sure taken its toll on Italy, not only for lives lost but for the attack on Italy’s very culture. Italy relies on social interaction and family, but at this moment we are being told to stay away and isolate. A dear friend over at Life&Thyme wrote an incredible piece digging into how things have changed for Life in Italy, I ‘d recommend you have a read here. here are a few ways you can help Italy during this time.

how you can support Italy during the coronavirus crisis

The economic situation in Italy was never perfect, while it may appear money must have been good due to tourism, Italy as a whole actually lost a lot of money to organized crime organizations and a leaky bucket system.

At the moment all eyes are on the South as headlines are flooded with the news of the Mafia moving in to “protect” the small workforce. Millions have lost their jobs, and a majority not able to claim unemployment or stimulus payments (as they were working illegally, or are possibly migrants without documentation). Any handouts from a criminal organization will only ensure further power and loss of economic gains in the future of Italy.

Now, more than ever, Italy’s small shops and artisan workers need your help. There is an ever-growing fear that tourism in Italy will not return and that these families will not be able to continue their livelihood.

So what can you do to Help Italy? Here are a few ideas:

Send your love to your favorite producer. Is there an experience or product that you had last time in Italy, that still lingers in your mind? Tell people about it! Write a review, check out their social accounts, and see if they are offering virtual events or shipping orders! Share their accounts and invite your friends to attend the virtual events.

Obviously right now is a little tough on everyone’s wallets, but if you can afford it, purchase a little pensiero (small gift) from your favorite producers! And try to shop directly from the producer. Many wineries and food producers have been hit hardest due to restaurants closing. Since you are sitting at home with a glass of wine anyway, why not make it Italian. Check out my list below for some excellent wine options!

Your favorite producers don’t ship to the US? Or you have a favorite restaurant in mind? See if you can order your friends in Italy a surprise 😉 Seriously we have all been locked up at home for 7 weeks, with no end in sight, we would love an extra treat to brighten our day!

A few producers and organizations offering great products from Italy:

You can always help Italy by buying directly from producers.

Wines from Barbaresco: Francone Vini (grab some Barbera Superiore too, it is my favorite)

Italian Slow Roasted Coffee: Caffe San Domenico

Curious Appetite is offering Online Cooking Classes and Virtual Tours to experience Italy from afar, as well as special Gourmet Boxes, with delicious products from Tuscany.

The agritourism Diacceroni is offering free shipping on all their delicious homemade products, and fantastic Tuscan Olive Oil!

Grab a selection of fine Italian wines from One on the Hill

Maremma a Domicilio, unfortunately EU only!

I would actually love to keep adding to this list, these are just some of the favorites that I know of. If you have anyone in mind, please drop me a message and I will add them!

Keep Dreaming about Italy

Dream about Italy with a little reading material: Check out Wander(lust) by Jasmine Mah (Of Questa Dolce Vita) You can also find this book available on Amazon US and IT!

Or if you were looking forward to exploring Italy’s art… You can explore some of the great museums Italy has to offer through Google Arts and Culture virtual tours. Here is a collection I put together of some of the most popular museums.

If you want to get more into the wine culture of Italy. Della Terra, an Italian Wine importer is also hosting great online talks focusing on Italian wine. Find the schedule here.

You can also experience Venice with Venice Meets YouTube Series.

ALSO, starting Monday 27, April, I will be offering a little Italy Trivia Quiz via Instagram. This is an opportunity to test your Italy knowledge, and learn some fun facts! The questions will be posted via stories and you have 24 hours to respond, I will count up points every day and announce the winner at the end of the week!

If you want to help Italy on the medical front:

You can donate to the Italian Red Cross here.

Another issue that has come to light in these times is the problem of domestic abuse. You can help by donating to support a shelter for women who cannot #StayHome now but need a place to go. This GoFundMe was started by the Cocktail Dream Bartending school. you can learn more about their project here.