Italian Wine tastings

Update: Virtual Italian Wine Tastings!

Escape to Italy with Virtual Italian wine tastings! Although you still not be able to make it over to Italy this summer, that doesn’t mean you should miss out on learning about Italy’s amazing wine and wine traditions.

So I have finally organized offer private virtual Italian wine tastings. “Private” In the sense I have it currently set up for a one on one call, if you want to organize a group tasting among friends I am more than happy to accommodate, just send me a note and we will organize.

This will be a one-hour virtual tasting with me. We will focus on 2-3 Italian Wines. You can choose your favorite region, variety or style OR I will choose a surprise variety or region. Include tasting note journal, tasting cheat sheet, and pairing ideas.

Some examples of tasting ideas may be:

  • Nebbiolo from North & South Piedmont
  • Lesser known Piedmont Wines
  • Le Marche
  • Montepulciano Grape vs. Town
  • Montepulciano d’Abruzzo
  • Verdicchio
  • Rose’ of Italy


Prices will depend on wines and number of participants, get in touch to learn more!

Upcoming Group Wine talks

Every once and I will offer a little wine talk time, where instead of focusing on the tasting element, we dive into the history and wine facts. Coming up on November 28 we will have a look at Nebbiolo and Piedmont’s wines. Find out details here:

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Do you live in Italy or planning a vist?

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