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Tips for your trip to Italy Post Covid Times

Well, that title might be a bit misleading, none of us are really in the post-CoVid phase. Restrictions are easing and while Italy is allowing people to come in without a quarantine, there is a little hesitation out and about and it is important to keep certain rules in mind for your trip to Italy in post COVID times. Just to update you on the rules: people can still not visit from the US, Russia, or Brazil (and a few other countries). UNLESS They have residency here, study, work, or generally live here. Even if that applies to them, they still have to have self-isolation for 14 days. Will keep this updated as thing evolve.

Italy post covid: Keep a mask handy

At the moment, nearly everything in Italy is open (or soon to be), with the exception of indoor nightclubs. But you will need to have a mask with you at all times, as every indoor shop requires you to wear one. At restaurants, you are allowed to take it off when you sit, and in gyms, it depends but you can take it off while you are actively working out.

Leave room in your budget

Prices of experiences and restaurants are a bit scattered, so it is hard to discuss budgets for your trip to Italy, be ready to pay possibly a little more than in the past. Leave some wiggle room in your budget, and though tipping is still not common, it could be greatly appreciated when eating out.

Book an experience with a local

Italy’s economy was is heavily based on tourism and it really took a hit these last few months. The best way you can help, and gain an authentic view of Italy. is by booking experience with a local.

Be it a cooking class, tour or tasting, Italy is filled with unique experiences that will add a whole other layer to your trip to italy. When possible, try to book directly, rather than through AirBNB Experiences or another third party site. These website take a percentage from hosts, though for the next few months AirBNB is waiving their commission.

If you are still trying to budget your trip, search for a free walking tour. They are normally available in all major cities. They are offered for free, with the idea that you can then tip your guide whatever you can afford.

If you are looking for a tasting or tour in Piedmont, check out my tastings and food experiences, and for winery tours: Scarlet & Hues. Or go ahead and send me a note of what you are looking for.

If you are headed to Florence, or Bologna, check out Curious Appetite.

& in Venice: Touring Different.

Stay, Shop, Eat Small

No matter what the situation is in Italy, this is a top rule to follow on your trip to Italy. The most authentic Italy is found in the small. The small streets hold the most beauty, the small restaurants always have the tastiest dishes, and the small shops have the most talented artisans.

But now more than ever, it’s important to help these small store owners and restaurants to get back on their feet after the lockdown has put them in a difficult position.

Book ahead

Be it for dinner, or the beach, reserving a spot is necessary all around the country. Do a little research beforehand to choose a restaurant and call a day in advance. For the beach, you can reserve most spots on this website:

It turns out you are supposed to reserve a spot even on the free beaches, though I have not figured out exactly how they will regulate it.

Slow Down, and Enjoy.

Things have always had a slow pace in Italy, but now with quite a few lines and social distancing measures, things are even slower. But, hey, that is part of the beauty of Italy, just taking things slow and enjoying the experience. My favorite passtime is and has always been an aperitivo outside just watching people in the piazza. This is one thing that has not changed one bit after the pandemic.

Remember when planning a trip to Italy in post-COVID times to keep an eye on any local regulations, your country’s own travel restrictions, and check in with your Embassy for any other information.

traveling to Italy post covid