getting a doctor in italy

Getting a Doctor in Italy

So you have finally gotten your permesso di soggiorno sorted and it is time to get you to sign up for Italian Healthcare. Here are some steps to break down getting a doctor in Italy. Though it may seem simple, by now I assume you know Italy, and you know nothing is as simple as it seems…. Let’s dive in!

Step 1 of getting a doctor in Italy

Before you can take advantage of the National Health Insurance and get your Tessera Sanitaria, you are going to need to be an official resident. Student permesso di soggiorno does not count.

To get official residency: you will have to live in an apartment that you own, or with a legal contract. By legal contract it has to be signed and registered with the Agenzie delle Entrate, and cannot be “transitorio”, make sure to ask your landlord!

Each town has a different residency procedure, some may be online, some you may have to go to the comune offices. You will simply have to search for this, and yes the site will be in only Italian, Google Translate or Deepl is your friends.

When you do get an appointment, (or just waltz in if it is a small town) bring your housing contract, passport, and Permesso di Soggiorno.

Step 2- Once you are a resident

Once you have residency, which usually is instant, the municipality will give you a document that states you are a resident in this district. Take note: an extra step of residency is that the Carabinieri have to come by say hello and make sure you live there. They never did this to me, but have heard in cities it is done.

When you get that official document, you then have to search for the “ASL” (azienda sanitaria locale) of your town. There may not be one directly in your town, but rather a local one that covers a few towns.

Each comune is designated to a specific ASL they report to, you cannot just choose the one closest to you.

Usually, you can bring the document to them and get it settled in one day. But as we live in “unprecedented” times, check to see if you need an appointment first.

They will ask you for these documents:
the proof of residence given by the comune
permesso di soggiorno or carta d’identita

Ok, you are almost there!

You may or may not have to pay for insurance, depends on your permesso situation. If you do, they will ask you to go pay at the post office, then return. You have to get the specific bill documents from them and make sure you pay the right amount of time, based on your permesso (students can only do 6 months at a time)

After this, they will hand over your Tessera Sanitaria, and you can choose a doctor. You will be handed a list of doctors available in the area and you can choose anyone you like.

I recommend checking which doctor has the most available hours and a cell phone number available just in case. This way it will be easier to schedule with them

You now are covered by ITalian insurance!

Now if you want to make an appointment, call the number provided, and set it up. When you come for your appointment…remember 10:30 doesn’t mean 10:30, it means whenever the doctor gets to your name on the list. So take the morning off.

If you are looking for more information specifically on Women’s Health in Italy and gynecologists, have a look at this article.

And as always, if you run into some problems, send me a message and I will see if I can help!.