Services for Expats in Italy & Moving to Italy

When you first get to Italy life can be confusing. I know that I wish I had had a little help, so that is why I wanted to offer some assistance to newcomers. Hence I came up with a few services for expats in Italy.

What I can offer:

Moving to Italy: I can help you figure out which visa you may be eligible for, sort out the list of paperwork, as well as help you get mentally and logistically prepared for your big move.

Getting Settled in Italy: Whether it be figuring out your permesso di soggiorno renewal, getting residence, or getting health insurance; Finding schools, doctors, commercialiste or other resources in your area, I can help answer your questions and make you feel confident with your life in Italy.

For the opportunity to chat and just get all your questions answered about moving to Italy, permessi or life in Italy I offer a one hour session for €27.

If you are looking for more guidance regarding moving to Italy I offer a four part 1:1 coaching program for a base price of €250. Within this we will meet live 4 times for an hour (but of course, more if necessary for logistics). The program includes

  1. A session to get deep in on what your expectations are, looking at how to be mentally prepared for a new life in Italy
  2. Legal Logistics! We will go over visas, Permessi, and sorting out your long term plan.
  3. Living Logistics- looking at houses, schools, etc and a step by step plan to get you to Italy!
  4. Getting Settled, another mental health check it to see what you may be struggling with, how things are getting on, and how you can ease into life in Italy

This program also includes: Research on my part to outline and get you the paperwork you need, get you set up with the schools, find you some apartment options and job options, if need be. Availability to help you translate documents when needed.

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Do you live in Italy or planning a vist?

Introducing: Your guide to moving to, and staying in Italy!

Finally, the resource I wish I had always had when I started out in Italy! This book includes a ton of information on the many different visas and permits to stay you may be eligible for. Find out exactly how you can legally move to Italy and stay here long-term.

Moving to Italy requires a lot of paperwork, this book tries to lay it all out for you in comprehensive lists. Plus you’ll also find information on getting residency, getting healthcare, Partita IVA, getting married and so much more!

Check it out here!

You can also purchase a Kindle version at this link.