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Juventus Museum

The Juventus Museum is probably one of the best museum presentations in existence. (I should also note Torino as an entire city is better fully presented to the public than any other historic city I have visited.) The museum uses all available space and media to present an emotional and inspiring history of Juventus. If […]


Back to Archaeology: Men and Women in Rome

Well I haven’t actually written anything educational in a while, I thought I might share some key things we have been talking about in Roman Identity. I should also mention I am writing an essay on Christianity in the Roman Empire, and when that is finished, oh boy will I have a post for here […]


Forum in the Light

The Roman Forum: as it is just the last stop on any bus route I take it is my absolute favorite spot. It is set up so you can sit outside and look out on the majority of the hill. Honestly if you are visiting Rome, trying to keep it cheap and aren’t interested in […]