Torino’s Treasured Coffee and Cafe Al Bicerin

This post about Cafe Al Bicerin was originally written for Risotto & Steel, a collaborative project exploring the gastronomy of Northern Italy. Coffee in Torino Lately, in light of the controversy of Starbucks opening in Milan, Italy’s coffee culture has felt under attack. Many say this generation of Italians drink so much coffee and payContinue reading “Torino’s Treasured Coffee and Cafe Al Bicerin”

Down to Valle Varaita; A Somewhat Successful Road Trip

Lately, every trip I have tried to take has not turned out how I had hoped. So no surprise after a road trip across the region to Valle Varaita, everywhere I wanted to visit last Friday was closed. I had made the trip down to Melle to visit Fioca Gelateria, who I had first metContinue reading “Down to Valle Varaita; A Somewhat Successful Road Trip”

Puglia: Bari and Polignano

Every August the whole country of Italy essentially shuts down (don’t worry if you were planning a trip the touristic areas and museums are the only things still open) That may sound dramatic, but really it becomes difficult to even find a supermarket close by. This is due to Ferragosto, the holiday celebrating the AssumptionContinue reading “Puglia: Bari and Polignano”