Italy Trip Planning

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Italy Trip Planning: Advice & Highlights

You’ll receive an Italy travel guide perfectly tailored to your travel style, interests, and budget. This travel plan will break down your stops in Italy to visit. Including personalized recommendations for you in each city (sites, restaurants, food, wine, etc.), as well as offer some tips on the Italian language and finding your way around.  I will be available to you via email to answer any questions you may have about the trip. We can have a Skype call to finalize travel plans beforehand. Available starting at 40euro per city

Personalized Italy Trip Itineraries-

This will include a day by day Italy trip itinerary based on your interests, budget, and taste! Planned visits to sites and restaurants alongside recommendations of what to try. Ensuring you don’t get caught in a tourist trap and that you will experience Italy authentically. To ease your mind and make the trip to Italy even easier, I will be available to you 10/7 via WhatsApp/Phone during your trip. I will be available beforehand via email to clarify any details. This service is available starting at 25euro per day.

Complete Itinerary with Booking

Just think of getting to Italy, let me take care of the rest. This package includes complete Italy trip itineraries that fit perfectly to your taste and budget, but with the bonus that I will make sure everything is booked in advance for you. From private cars, trains, tours, winery visits, museum visits, and meals, you’ll have the best of each Italian city booked in advance to make sure your entire visit to Italy goes smoothly. You can rest at ease that every difficulty is avoided but I will also be available to you 24/7 via WhatsApp/Phone during your visit, and Skype before hand to clarify any details of the trip.

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