Tours in Turin

Experience the best of Italy, and taste the true gems held within this country. Turin may not be the easiest to understand for a first time visitor; that is why I designed two food tours in Turin to grab a taste of the best historic places.

Knowing and residing in the region myself, I can also design personalized tours in Turin for you and your travel mates. Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have!

Seeing Torino Through its Cafes

Turin has long had a strong connection with coffee, known for its famous historic cafes of the 18th and 19th centuries, where intellectuals, writers and Italian politicians often met.

It is also thanks to Torinese that millions of Italians and international coffee lovers can enjoy their daily espresso. In 1884 Angelo Morando of Torino designed the first Espresso machine in order to serve clients faster at the busiest times of the day. This original design used vapor (much like the Moka) to make coffee and could make 10 in 2 minutes. The design was then adapted by Gaggia in 1938 to function using higher pressure, allowing for faster production. This system of pressure allows for the full aromas of the coffee to come through. 

If you find yourself in Turin and want to join me for un caffe (and a delicious gelato!) you contact me here or book directly on Airbnb!

A walking tour in Turin’s center to visit the beautiful historic cafe’s of the city, learn about their history and explore the thriving specialty coffee culture. On this tour, you’ll get plenty of specialty coffee, gelato, and water!

1.5 hours 30 euro/person

Tasting tour in Turin

For all my cheese lovers, this food tour in Turin takes a step into the gastronomic specialties of Piedmont: Cheese, Salumi, and of course wine. We will have a short walking tour to explore the center of Turin and learn about the history of the city, including the famous Porta Palazzo Market, through some of my favorite side streets. Then we stop to taste some of Piedmont’s traditional cheeses and salumi in historic, women-run gastronomy. Top it all off with a sweet (or two) from Turin’s second oldest cafe still in business today. On this tour, you’ll get coffee, plenty of cheese and salumi, a gelato, and water!

2.5 hours 45 euro/person