The Ultimate Rome Guide

The most popular city to visit in Italy: Rome. Everyone loves this capital for the incredible history, beautiful monuments, and amazing food. Rome can be a bit intimidating on your first visit. The capital is much bigger than you might imagine. That is where this Rome Guide might come in handy.

When navigating the city on your own, you’ll find Rome unfortunately has many tourist traps and sub par restaurants lining its beautiful cobbled streets. After living more than 5 years in the city, I wanted everyone to experience the true Rome. Together with my dear friend and sustainable Italian Food expert Hook’d on a Bite, we put together the ultimate Rome guide for you!

Both myself and Lindsey of Hook’d on A Bite have lived a fair number of years in the gorgeous city of Rome. We have been starring many a spot on our Google maps, keeping a list for when friends come to visit. Finally we got ourselves together to create this Rome Guide. We are aware that times are always changing in the city, we will do our best to keep this guide updated when possible. You can also feel free to reach out and ask us for advice, we would love to share our knowledge.

In this guide you will be able to find great restaurants, gelaterie and bars no matter where you are in the city. I have also added some on my favorite sites to see that you might not have thought of before.

Experience the Authentic Rome, Find your Guide Here.