I’m Evelyn and this is my 9th year living in Italy!

After so many years, I have studied, worked, and traveled in almost every region of the country (15/20!). In this time I have gotten to know the regional food and wine traditions as well as their long history.

Originally from Middlebury, Vermont, I chose to uproot and study archaeology in none other than the heart of Italy, Rome! With a concentration in Cultural Management and minoring in both Business of Art and Art History, I craved to learn and experience more.  After that, I headed North, to Milano, where I completed my Masters in Arts Management and Administration. Now I have shifted closer to the mountains and currently base myself in Turin.

I may have a heavy art background, but my passions also include sharing my love for the flavor of Italy. Not just food-based, but everything. I fell in love with this country in a second and live to share it’s beauty with everyone (read more about why I chose Italy below). I hope to show the best of Italy to everyone. 

From this the idea of Dalle Colline Alle Montagne  (From hills to mountains) was born.  Here at Colline Alle Montagne I work with each individual to plan the perfect trip to Italy, all based on their personality and interests. Having lived here so long, and having to had to jump through so many cultural hoops to remain, I also wish to help out other newcomers to Italy, easing them into living with the new culture and navigating a way to live their dream life in Italy.

Love the resources that Colline able Montagne has to offer? It would mean a lot to me if you offered a glass of wine 😉

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Why Italy?

Matera Sassi

That question, which everyone asks upon hearing that at 18 (actually 17) years old I decided to pack my bags and head over the Atlantic, can really be broken into two. Why did I first come to Italy? And why after many years of begging for a permesso di soggiorno, trying to find a job, trying to understand healthcare, housing, residency, public transport, and inconsistent store hours, have I chosen to stay here?

The simple answer to why I ended up here: because Latin was the easiest language taught in high school. After several years and courses later, my mom then took me to Rome, and like everyone else, I fell in love with the city. That deep love, combined with the inkling that I wanted to study Archaeology, took me to The American University website, and I never considered any other option that the location in Rome. I never had Italian family and I never studied the language, but Rome immediately felt like home to me, and I knew I needed to move here.

Looking back to why I first came, there is the added fact that I was always unhappy with my country; the American culture or lack thereof, my state which always felt cold and closed, and generally always felt like was missing something to make it worth the effort. Whatever was missing I found the day I stepped foot in Italy, and that is why I have stayed. For all it’s unmoving, stuck in the past practices, it has an incredible beauty and culture that I can never get enough of and want to work hard to preserve.

My high school English teacher described it best, in a way I will never forget; he heard two old men speak in Italian using gestures raising their voices, having the passion you may expect from a professional debate, the topic? Mozzarella.  That simple moment, together with the thousands of others, from the morning café and cornetto to days walking through thousand-year-old history, the uplifting family and communities I meet every day, to the golden light reflecting of Rome’s yellow and red buildings at sunset.The reason I stay is made of a million beautiful moments like these.

Truth is I don’t have the right words to describe why it has captured me so deeply.

Have I ever had enough? Yes, many times.  I have been broken and thought to make plans to get out, but every time I do, something captures my heart again, and I know I could never part ways. By now Italy is my country, it is my home, and I can’t imagine life without her.

Why Wine?


I first tasted wine when I was about 3, my parents had a glass at dinner and let me dip my finger to try a taste. I remember I didn’t like it. When I started drinking wine, it was a joke to be a tad bit classier and I certainly didn’t love it. In Italy, I started with white varietals but quickly found that even a  2-euro Montepulciano could also be delicious.

It was not until I spent more time in the country and saw people’s relationship with wine, as winemakers, as family businesses, their pride in regional varieties, that something changed in my heart. At one point I chose to study the history of wine in a food and archaeology course, and start searching for a sommelier course.  I finally decided to do the Sommelier course with ASPI in Milan. I finished with my II Level Sommelier Master Certificate. Since then I try to be more aware of what I am drinking and the stories that go into every bottle.

This need to know the backstory goes beyond wine, and my curiosity spreads the whole table. Apart from my love for true Pizza Napoletana, I love to learn the traditions behind every dish, where ingredients come from, and the personal story of every small producer.

I also just love to eat, and I love Italian food, who wouldn’t (sorry to those who are gluten intolerant and vegans I just can’t even begin to tell you what you are missing.)

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