I’m Evelyn, a Vermonter here in Italy since 2012.

After so many years, I have studied, worked, and traveled in almost every region of the country (16/20). In this time I have gotten to know the regional food and wine traditions as well as their long history.

Originally from Middlebury, Vermont, I chose to uproot and study archaeology in none other than the heart of Italy, Rome! With a concentration in Cultural Management and minoring in both Business of Art and Art History, I craved to learn and experience more.  After that, I headed North, to Milano, where I completed my Masters in Arts Management and Administration. Now I have shifted closer to the mountains and currently base myself in Turin.

I may have a heavy art background, but my passions also include sharing my love for the flavor of Italy. Not just food-based, but everything. I fell in love with this country in a second and live to share it’s beauty with everyone (read more about why I chose Italy below). I hope to show the best of Italy to everyone. 

From all my time in Italy came the idea for Dalle Colline Alle Montagne  (From hills to mountains).  I work with each individual to plan the perfect trip to Italy, all based on their personality and interests. Plus Having lived here so long, and having to had to jump through so many cultural hoops to remain, I also wish to help out other newcomers to Italy, easing them into living with the new culture and navigating a way to live their dream life in Italy.

Love the resources that Colline able Montagne has to offer? It would mean a lot to me if you offered a glass of wine πŸ˜‰

Publications & Interviews:

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Matera Sassi

You can reach out to me by email at evelynhill27@gmail.com or find me on social:
Instagram – @collinemontagne
Facebook – Colline Alle Montagne

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