So you want to call Italy home!

Whether you’ve already moved here, and you just can’t figure out Italian bureaucracy (or something as simple as how to order a coffee), or you’ve just started planning your move…

Italy is magic (have I said that enough?). It’s a land filled with nostalgia and beauty, an appreciation of good food, good wine & good company, and a love of dolce far niente, or “doing sweet nothing”.

Like every country though, Moving to Italy is not without its trials & tribulations, something you’ll likely discover as soon as you begin looking into immigration. You’ll suddenly find yourself with questions like…

What’s a Permesso di Soggiorno and why does it matter?

How do I get my Codice Fiscale?

Are Italian taxes really that bad? What about if I open a partita IVA and work as a freelancer?

Do I really have to photocopy my entire passport FOUR TIMES?!

I’m going to let you in on a little secret… most Italians don’t even know the answer to these questions. Or if they do, they wouldn’t know how to explain it to you. 

The bureaucracy here is infamous for a reason. 

But, as someone who has lived in Italy for 10 years, who’s spent countless hours understanding visas, taxes, residency and all the rest (and even more swapping stories about it with fellow expat friends), I’m here to help as your personal Italy Expat Guide.




(also see: VA BEH, VA BOH).

Means, ‘okay’, ‘fine’, ‘whatever’, ‘let’s do it’. Yes, this changes wildly based on tone. 

You, “The weather’s not great today.”

“Ehh va beh, è cosi.”

You, “Let’s go get gelato!”

“Siii, va bene!”


Yes, moving to Italy and feeling like you really belong can be complicated, but you shouldn’t let that stop you. With a few tips & tricks and a little (or a lot) of patience, I can help you to be mentally & logistically prepared. 

Why do I care? Well, finding an expat guide service like this would have meant the world to me when I first moved to Italy (and countless times since). How many mistakes I could have avoided and how much time I could have saved!!

Evelyn not only helped me with questions I had about college, moving, finances, living, etc. in Rome, but she has also did it in such a friendly manner! It’s almost like I’ve been talking to someone I’ve known for years! Evelyn has answered many of my anxiety-ridden questions and also checked up
on my progress afterward. She gave me so much real information about moving/living which helps reassure me that moving to Italy is possible!



Whether you need help moving to Italy, figuring out your Permesso renewal or application, or just understanding life in Italy, we can start with a 1-hour “ 1:1 Pick My Brain” session. I’ll answer any quick questions and we can put together a strategy to get you settled.


I’ll help you understand which visas you may be eligible for, sort out paperwork and help you to prepare mentally for your big move.

Make Italy Home

From renewing your Permesso di Soggiorno to getting health insurance and everything in-between, I’d love to help you make Italy home.

Quick Questions

For those who aren't ready for a 1:1 and just have a few clarifying questions, I offer an email only service to get you answers!