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Welcome to Dalle Colline Alle Montagne, here you will find both a blog focused on the best of an authentic Italy and a Travel Planner & Organizer.

I want to show you Italy from a new point of view, an authentic one. No tourist traps, no “best instagrammable spots” and most importantly: No Bad Food (ever.)

As an American living in Italy, it took me a while to get used to finding the best places to eat, knowing the best places to visit, and understanding Italy as a whole. After 9 years of being here, I now want to share the best of Italy with you and help you find more and more reasons to love this country.

If you want to know more about me and my Italian story, read more here.

I will be honest, not every city or region of Italy is for everyone, and parts of Italy may not be what you have been lead to believe. But the beauty of Italy is that it offers a range of landscapes, traditions, and culinary practices, that there really is something for everyone.

To start discovering Italy with me: check out Visit Italy for blogs and resources.

Bar San Calisto, Trastevere Rome Italy

LiVe Italy

If you are moving to Italy, or just settled in, Colline Alle Montagne can help you adjust to life in Italy. I have been here nearly a decade, mainly on my own, so have learned the tricks for a smooth transition. Follow along to learn the ropes, or feel free to send me a message and ask any questions about life in Italy!

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