Your Dream Vacation in Italy


Not Just Your Average Italian Grand Tour

You’ve no doubt heard the stories… 

Friends who’ve come back from a road trip in Sicily gushing about the tiny restaurant that felt more like having lunch with a family friend. That Instagram post with no location tag bragging about a secret seaside cove. A great aunt who’s recounted the story of the gelato that changed her life more times than you can count.

This is the Italy vacation you dream of. 

The tiny winding alleys, the kind leading to hidden wine bars, not filled with tourists. The food you’ll remember for a lifetime, not the restaurants with photos on the menu. The breathtaking scenery, but not the oversaturated views plastered across 100 postcards. 

But how do you find these hidden gems? How do you experience Italy like a local?

Discover my guides and maps of Italy, including maps of my favorite gelaterie in Rome and Turin, city guides to Turin, Napoli and Milan, and ta guide to the Wine Regions of Piedmont

Captured at Centro Storico on {iptoday0} Jan, 2022 by Rhianna May Photography


I’ve got you!

In the 10 years that I’ve lived in Italy, I’ve made it my mission to discover the very best of Italy. At first, it was just for fun. What’s a girl to do when she’s upped & moved to one of the world’s most famous holiday destinations? 

But then it was so I could share it with you… so that I could help you uncover and experience the authentic Italy

More than just another guidebook, I offer you advice from lived experiences, in real time! I am never not researching, travelling, taking notes and exploring the best that Italy has to offer. More than that, I have a network of incredible friends & colleagues ready to share their own advice and experiences with me. 

There’s no chance that you’ll arrive to find the enoteca you were so looking forward to shut down 5 years ago, or that that lake has since become an overcrowded social media hotspot. 

Instead, you’ll have your dream vacation in Italy – savoring plates of food so good you’ll be dreaming of them in 40 years, uncovering incredible art, and collecting stories that will stay with you for life.  


Sort of like ‘if only’ or ‘I wish’.

You, “I wish I was in the Langhe drinking wine right now”

Your new Italian bestie, “Magari”

“I’m Italian and all the information you shared is so useful. I didn’t even know about all these places!”

 - Giulia


Boutique Travel Packages in Italy

Trip Planning: Tailored Guides

If you like to travel at your own pace, but you want to be sure you’re experiencing Italy like a local, my tailored guides package is for you.

Personalized Itinerary: Day-to-Day Planning

Your vacation time is precious, and you want to make sure you’re making the most of it. With a personalized itinerary, you’ll be sure to experience the best Italy has to offer.

Complete Itinerary: The Whole Package

Perhaps you’re too busy to plan, perhaps you just don’t like planning. You want to know where to go and when, while making sure to experience Italy like a local.  I’ll plan your Italian itinerary for you, from where to visit to where to eat.


€40 / per city
  • Brief fun facts & history
  • Personalized guide, including notes on neighborhoods and local cuisine & wine
  • Personalized recommendations for breakfast, aperitivo, lunch & dinner
  • Me, on call, to answer any & all of your questions, 8-hours a day.

€75 /3 day weekend package
  • Day-to-day itinerary detailing where to go and when, including suggested travel times for trains, buses, etc., where to eat and when, attractions, museums & galleries
  • Brief fun facts & history
  • Personalized guide, including notes on neighborhoods and local cuisine & wine
  • Me, on call, to answer any of your questions, 8-hours a day.

€250 / PER WEEK
  • Recommended for longer stays
  • Detailed itinerary & schedule
  • Fun facts & history for each city you’ll visit
  • Personalized guide, including notes on neighborhoods and local cuisine & wine
  • Me, on call, to answer any of your questions from dawn ‘til dusk (and then some).


Literally means, ‘that is to say’. Use it like Americans use, well, like.

Your friend, venting about her Italian boy, “he wants me to cook and clean all the time, cioè, praticamente he wants his mamma!”


Literally means, “you give”. Actually means, “come ooooon”.

You, “I don’t think I’ll drink tonight” All of your Italian amici, in chorus, “Ma daaaiiiiiiiii!!”