First Steps for Your Move to Italy

If you’ve had “Move to Italy” on your 2022 goals list, or life bucket list, then it is time to start making it happen! Today I want to share with you a few inspired actions you can take to get started, with these first steps for your move to Italy.

Now, I’m guessing you have been hesitating for some time, making some excuses, or always finding a reason that it just isn’t the right moment to move to Italy. But today, we are breaking through that. It’s time to get you started with a little touch of inspired action.

I’m a strong believer in the law of attraction and manifestation – essentially the idea that you can create your reality through your energy, and inviting what you want into reality. I know this isn’t for everyone, but bear with me, I think you’ll still find this useful to get you in the making Italy home mindset.

While the idea with manifesting is that if you ask for something, focus on it, that it will come to be – but it isn’t this simple. We need to act on inspired action to help things come into reality. So, while you be surrounding yourself with the idea of Italy, through movies, music, and the like; that won’t get you a visa and a plane ticket. You’ve got to take a little action to move to Italy.

Inspired Action & First Steps to Move to Italy

1. The first step you need to take when planning a move to Italy is: Start learning Italian.

Right Now. No matter where you are in the move to Italy plan, this is essential, and it’s something you can start today.

If you have the funds, go find a tutor on iTalki NOW. It will be a great investment. If you invest in your language learning you are much more likely to stick with it and push yourself to learn. However, I do understand that sometimes funds aren’t readily available for this.

If money is tight – there are many free options as well – Duolingo, YouTube. If this is your very first step to move to Italy then you can start small. If you haven’t even started the basics, then Duolingo is a great resource.

Mixing a little grammar, speaking, and listening into your day can go a long way even if it is just a little by little. I use DuoLingo and a grammar book for technical language learning, YouTube bloggers for context listening, and then HelloTalk for speaking and writing.

Apps like HelloTalk or Tandem let you practice writing or speaking with native speakers. Whatever your plan to move to Italy is, you’ll need to use Italian in the future so might as well start now.

Start a savings box

Whether a separate account, a box on Wise, or setting up your Acorns account to send all change into a savings account. Money tends to be a huge fear of making the move to Italy, so it’s time to tell yourself you DO have the money, and set it aside to be ready. If you already know what visa you’ll be getting or the details of your moving plan, you can set a goal. If not, it doesn’t hurt to save all you can and be ready!

I prefer to set a monthly amount that I send to a savings box and already budget it out, but if that doesn’t work for you it is great to set up a spare change box or to send a few dollars every week.

 Start doing research 

Well, I am guessing if you showed up on this website, you are already doing this, but maybe you’ve been all talk and not taken the step to look into a move to Italy.

But seriously, take that research to a new level. If you already know where you are moving to in Italy, start browsing for your ideal apartment online, start poking around on the map to find out what your neighborhood might look like.

If you are still in the dreaming stage and haven’t taken many steps to move to Italy: Start researching different towns, see where you might want to end up. You can have a look to see rental costs, have a look on Indeed and LinkedIn to see what the job situation looks like. A great place for you to start is these blogs here. You can check out what the cost of living looks like in Italy, or potential visas you can apply for!

Getting to know all the details of what your life in Italy will look like is going to give you a lot more confidence while going along your journey, plus it will help you clarify your vision. 

 Make a REAL plan.

This is a serious first step, and ok you may not get it done today, but you can start.

Ask yourself: What visa are you opting for? What do you need for that visa? Can you start getting paperwork together or make that appointment at the consulate? Do you need to brush up on your Italian?

Write down a long list of what needs to get done to make this happen and see what you can already do. That could be as simple as requiring your University transcripts or just printing a copy of your passport. You can find out what visa you might be eligible for here

Once you have a long checklist, you can start mapping out deadlines and setting yourself up for a set plan. This will give you much more drive to get things done and get excited about your move to Italy.

And finally, go ahead and make a vision board!

Find all the photos that make you fall in love with Italy, and that represent the life you want in Italy. Are you sipping spumante by the Costa Smeralda? Standing on top of the Duomo? Skiing down the Alps or climbing in the Dolomites? Are you working, studying, or just kicking back?

Head to Pinterest or your favorite Italy Instagrams and grab some images, put them together with Canva, and make this your phone and desktop background. Keep it close and on your mind, you’ll be pulling this into your reality every day.

So what are you going to do to make it happen?

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And if you are looking for more help on your journey of making Italy home or looking for local insight to plan the best trip, get in touch, let me help you experience authentic Italy.