Life in Italy & Moving to Italy

Dalle Colline alle Montagne is a spot for you to learn more about Life in Italy. Whether you are planning on moving to Italy, just arrived, or are looking into Studying Abroad, you’ll find some great resources and blogs throughout the site. I also offer 1:1 sessions to get all your questions answered. I have lived here 9 years as a student, an “unemployed visa” , an attempted work permit, and now a freelancer, so I know many of the legal hurdles. I have also lived in Rome, Pompeii, Florence, Milan, and Torino so have come to understand the different regions well.

Introducing: Your guide to moving to, and staying in Italy!

Finally, the resource I wish I had always had when I started out in Italy! This book includes a ton of information on the many different visas and permits to stay you may be eligible for. Find out exactly how you can legally move to Italy and stay here long-term.

Moving to Italy requires a lot of paperwork, this book tries to lay it all out for you in comprehensive lists. Plus you’ll also find information on getting residency, getting healthcare, Partita IVA, getting married and so much more!

Check it out here!

You can also purchase a Kindle version at this link.

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