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Dalle Colline alle Montagne is also a spot for you to learn more about Life in Italy. Whether you are planning a move to Italy, just arrived, or are looking into Studying Abroad, you’ll find some great resources and blogs throughout the site. You can also feel free to message me any time with questions about getting settled in Italy. I have lived here 9 years as a student, an “unemployed visa” and now a freelancer, so I know many of the legal hurdles. I have also lived in Rome, Pompeii, Florence, Milan, and Torino so have come to understand the different regions well.

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partita iva freelance in italy

A little intro to the Italian Partita IVA

Well, the original title was Everything you need to know – I quickly realized my understanding of this topic is limited. I want to share with you all I know so at least you can get an idea of the options available! If you have moved to Italy and are hoping to open a small […]

getting a doctor in italy

Getting a Doctor in Italy

Once you have sorted out your permesso di soggiorno, it’s time for the next step in your living in Italy set up: getting a doctor in Italy. You get to choose your doctor or “medico di base” once you have registered with the local ASL, or Azienda Sanitaria. So first let’s look at how to […]

staying in italy

Staying in Italy- Different Permesso di Soggiorno

After nearly 9 years, I have gone through my fair share of permesso di soggiorno appointments and loops and I wanted to share with you the information I know. This article is only relevant if you already have a visa to come here and have obtained your first Permesso di Soggiorno.

driving in Italy

Driving in Italy- Getting an Italian Driver’s License

Once you have settled a little more in Italy, have your residence, permesso di soggiorno, and your tessera sanitaria and doc figured out, you might want to look into getting a driver’s license. To be clear – if you are an American you can use an international driver’s license for your first year in Italy, […]

living in italy

The Italian Elective Residency Visa

Another alternative for moving to Italy is to take advantage of the Italian Elective Residency Visa. This is the ideal option if you are looking to move to Italy when you retire, or if you have been living comfortably, relaxed, and letting your business do its thing. The key thing about this visa is its […]

women in italy

Women’s Health in Italy: Finding Birth Control & other questions

When you first move to Italy one of your biggest concerns may be about finding birth control in Italy, then you may wonder about finding the right OB-GYN, what do you do when you have a UTI or have unprotected sex, what are you options. Living in Italy I have faced and figured out many […]

Introducing: Your guide to moving to, and staying in Italy!

Finally, the resource I wish I had always had when I started out in Italy! This book includes a ton of information on the many different visas and permits to stay you may be eligible for. Find out exactly how you can legally move to Italy and stay here long-term.

Moving to Italy requires a lot of paperwork, this book tries to lay it all out for you in comprehensive lists. Plus you’ll also find information on getting residency, getting healthcare, Partita IVA, getting married and so much more!

Check it out here!

You can also purchase a Kindle version at this link.

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Before moving- consider catching up on Italian

As mentioned in a few posts, I do recommend learning a bit of Italian before you make the move to Italy as it will make the transition much easier. If you are looking for lessons I recommend Expats in Rome’s Italian lessons! You can check them out here:  

italian lessons with expats in rome