Best Aperitivo in Turin

The aperitivo scene in Turin is as vibrant and exciting as the city itself! From classic Italian aperitivi like vino sfuso to creative cocktails and spritzes, it can be hard to pick the best spot for an aperitivo. Fortunately, we’ve done the research for you – here are the best places to grab an aperitivo in Turin!

Best Aperitivo in Turin

Many cities of Italy may claim to be the birthplace of Aperitivo, and even Turin has an origin story to this classic Italian tradition. Aperitivo in Turin began in the 19th century with the social traditions surrounding vermouth and the drink of vermuttino. There developed the practice of where social groups would gather for a Vermuttino, a small glass of Vermouth and lemon, and the bars would serve snacks to accompany the alcohol and fill the guests’ stomachs. Vermouth Hour, 

There are plenty of bars, modern and historic that serve variations of aperitivo. The best aperitivo in Turin serves up small plates, but you can also find ones with a buffet style, and a few that require buying plates separately- but they are worth it! Let’s check out the best spots. You can find this list and more in map format via the Thatch App here.

Historic Aperitivo in Turin

Caffe Elena

Piazza Vittorio
The original bar of Carpano Vermouth originally opened at the turn of the century, and still to this day serves its classic vermouth drinks. While their decor takes us to another time, their menu shows continuous innovation. In the evening you can enjoy a classic vermuttino, or a fun cocktail. With every drink, they will bring you a few chips and nuts, small bites. However, they also have a great menu of unique stuzzichini.

Caffe Mulassano

Piazza Castello
A staple in Turin’s noble culture since 1907. Mulassano offers beautiful decor and architecture and is sure to take you back to the early days of Torinese royalty. It was opened right in the center of Turin to serve clients of the nearby palaces, and the opera theater, which doubled as a school. It was here the first Tramezzini were served in Italy. The perfect lunch solution for the workers of the city. Mulassano has its own house vermouth offered for 8 a glass and is the best option. You’ll be served a plate of various snacks all made at the bar, if you need an extra bite, order up one of their own tramezzini. Sit back and watch the life of Turin pass by with a classic glass of Vermouth.

Elegant Aperitvo in Turin

Bar Zucca

 Via Antonio Gramsci
Zucca is a classic aperitif from Turin, in the 70s they opened their own bar in Turin. Today they have an incredible Spritz menu of many different variations. You can of course try one with their own drink, or many different mixes. Every Spritz order will come with a few small bites, that keep on coming. Some include little pizzette, but the even better bites include

Maison San Federico

Galleria San Federico
A newcomer to Turin, Maison San Federico has brought a luxurious aperitivo to one of Turin’s most beautiful galleries. Enjoy a large classic Spritz, or a remarkable wine list of Piedmontese greats, Champagne, and unique bottles from all around Europe. You can choose to order from a specific aperitivo menu which features delicious small tagliere and focaccia topped with Piedmontese classic flavors such as salsiccia di bra.

Classic Aperitivo in Turin

Ranzini Vini

Via Porta Palatina
A little hole in the wall bar that is a Turin staple. No frills, no luxury, pure Piedmontese aperitivo. Enjoy a carafe of vino sfuso, or choose one of their bottles and order a few Piedmontese appetizers to pair. Pull up a chair at one of the sturdy wooden tables and enjoy a night of laughs and wine with friends. Often on weekends, it may be a little packed, in this case, many will take their wine to the street out front.

Il Barotto

Via Giuseppe Baretti; Via San Massimo
For the best tagliere in Turin, you need to head to Il Barotto! Focused on valorizing the Alpine products of Val d’Aosta and Piedmont, il barotto has been a huge success. You can enjoy a glass of Val d’Aosta wine – usually a rare find – and dig into an enormous tagliere of cheese and salumi, with pairing cheeses and fruit.


Via Michele Buniva
For an aperitivo in Vanchiglia, Margo is not to be missed. Margo offers the classic buffet-style aperitivo to pair with the drink of your choice. They have delicious cocktails and a wonderful wine list. This is one of my favorite go-to aperitivos.

Others not to be missed

Casa Gioffi

Corso Casale, along the Po
Best enjoyed in the summer, Casa Gioffi offers a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy creative cocktails and a delicious aperitivo spread. It is a modern design space incorporating the outdoor greenery along the river with covered areas so it can be enjoyed even in shaky weather.


Piazza della Consolata
Creative and irresistible cocktails for one of the best aperitivos in Turin, just around the corner from one of Turin’s most historic Piazzas. Just a step away from the long-standing Torinese tradition of Cafe Al Bicerin, SmileTree is a must-try in Turin. Each cocktail is a unique design that offers a unique aperitivo.

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