Piemontese Cuisine: A bite into Northern Italy

Piemonte is known as one of the gastronomic capitals of Italy. Turin itself is especially famous for its chocolate, coffee, and bi-annual Salone del Gusto event hosted by Slow Food, the natural food movement that had its start in nearby Bra. The Langhe is known for its great wines, cheeses, hazelnuts, and of course truffles.Continue reading “Piemontese Cuisine: A bite into Northern Italy”

Italian Wine and Chocolate

Since Valentine’s day is just around the corner, it seemed only fitting this month to do a little Italian wine and chocolate pairing. Both Wine and Chocolate come with just rich personalities, it only makes sense we often think of them together. But not all wine and chocolate pair so well. Wine can easily overpowerContinue reading “Italian Wine and Chocolate”

What is the Langhe? Piedmont’s best wine region

If you have already explored Northern Italian wines, chances are you have already heard of the Langhe. The Langhe is one of Piedmont’s best wine regions, located just south of Turin. This beautiful region is filled with medieval Borghi and historic castles, rolling hills, plenty of vineyards, and delicious food. Let’s take a better lookContinue reading “What is the Langhe? Piedmont’s best wine region”

January Events

Back with a new line up of January Events. Coming up in 2021, I will be shifting gears, covering wine regions but also looking at some other aspects of Italian history and culture. January 16th- Wines of Abruzzo MoliseFirst wine talk of 2021! We will be looking at the often-overlooked regions of Abruzzo and Molise.Continue reading “January Events”

The Italy Gift Guide for 2020

Alright I finally did it, here is your Italy Gift Guide for 2020. This guide is not only for all the Italy lovers back home, but also for us living here hoping to support small businesses! Some of my favorite books include Amazon links, however I invite you to look in your local bookstore first.Continue reading “The Italy Gift Guide for 2020”

Top 10 Traditional Roman Dishes (and Where to Eat Them)

If you’re planning a trip to Italy, trying traditional food is probably high on your list of priorities. However, one of the mistakes that visitors frequently make is thinking that “Italian food” is universal and you’ll find the same dishes across the entire country, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Each of Italy’s 20Continue reading “Top 10 Traditional Roman Dishes (and Where to Eat Them)”

Your Guide to Italian Rosato

Searching for an Italian RosĂ© on the shelves you will have to look out for the title Rosato. But given the extra syllables, we’ll stick with the classic saying RosĂ© all day. Though France may be famous for these delightfully pink wines, Italian Wine Lovers won’t have to miss out. Many wine regions of ItalyContinue reading “Your Guide to Italian Rosato”