The best apps for living in Italy

Before we dive into the best apps for living in Italy, I want to share a few quick things about phones and phone plans here in Italy! First, If you are here for a long time, cancel your home phone plan and get an Italian SIM, trust me it is cheaper. Now I get sometimesContinue reading “The best apps for living in Italy”

Planning a Hiking Trip in Italy

One of Italy’s greatest beauties is her landscape, her mountains, and national parks. While you may find many tips for planning a trip to Italy’s greatest hits: Rome, Venice, Florence, and the Amalfi Coast, what about planning a hiking trip in Italy? Spending weekends in the Piemontese Alps is one of my favorite activities hereContinue reading “Planning a Hiking Trip in Italy”

February Italy Tech Backgrounds

New month, new tech backgrounds! In honor of Valentines Day, this months backgrounds focus on Verona and the timeless tale of Romeo and Juliet. You’ll also find some backgrounds dedicated to the mountains to spark your adventurous side. Backgrounds: Juliet’s Balcony in Verona.Available with both a Romeo & Juliet Quote, or the February Calendar. JulietsContinue reading “February Italy Tech Backgrounds”

January Italy DeskTop Backgrounds

Little late to start, but here our the first try at Italy Desktop Backgrounds! I hope to make them monthly, and update some Phone backgrounds. Enjoy these backgrounds focused on the beautiful regions of Abruzzo and Veneto. Both were chosen to fit in with this month’s virtual events, which I hope you will join inContinue reading “January Italy DeskTop Backgrounds”

Living Plastic Free in Italy

When you first arrive in Italy, it may seem that living plastic free in Italy is not as popular as in other countries. You will see plastic water bottles everywhere, straws, and so much single use waste. Over time I have started to find solutions to the plastic waste I create here in Italy. LetContinue reading “Living Plastic Free in Italy”