Italy’s New Digital Nomad Visa: A Comprehensive Guide

Italy, your favorite destination for vacation,and your dream home is now making it slightly easier to make that a reality. Yes, it’s true, there is finally a Italy digital nomad visa for remote workers outside the EU. This opportunity allows digital nomads to experience life in Italy while fulfilling their professional obligations. This article will provide an in-depth look at Italy’s new digital nomad visa, its requirements, benefits, and the application process.

Just a note ahead of time – this is a brand new visa, and I don’t yet have experience or examples to pull from. While it sounds like great on paper, the full process might prove to be much more difficult. (In fact this article shares some hesitations that I too feel).Employees might not be up to date, chaos might ensue when you go to apply, but know that legally it exists. If you run into any resistance, going with a lawyer is your best bet.

Italy’s Digital Nomad Visa Requirements

If you want to apply for this new visa to Italy here’s the criteria you have to meet:

  1. This is only for non-EU citizens.
  2. Skilled professional status – You need to qualify as a “highly qualified remote worker”. This can be shown with higher education, or skills that require “higher skill set”. Yes, it is a bit vague, but techies and coders, you probably count. Online business owners, it’s debateable, Social Media Managers who didn’t actually get a degree? No clue…
  3. You must have annual income of €28,000 (However, consulates may dispute and ask for more, and if you bring family this number will increase.)
  4. Employment by a company based outside Italy – a valid contract, definitive job offer. If you are a freelancer you need to show proof of contracts with clients (outside of Italy!) These documents need to describe the work you do and clarify how it is “highly-skilled”. (yes, again, vague much?)
  5. Valid Health Insurance to cover your time in Italy.
  6. A clean criminal record.
  7. Proof of Accomodation in Italy
  8. Proof of experience in your remote work field (this can’t be a brand new adventure)

These are what you need before applying, but to clarify when you begin this new digital nomad life in Italy, you will need to remain compliant with Italian tax regulations. Every country has a different agreement with Italy, but if you remain longer than 180 days a year in Italy, you will owe taxes. This will involve opening a Partita IVA and finding a trusted account to help clarify.

Also once you arrive with the Italy digital nomad visa in your passport, you do need to apply for the Permesso di Soggiorno (residence permit) within 8 days of arrival. When renewing you will renew this Permesso, in Italy, not the original visa.

Benefits of Having Italy’s Digital Nomad Visa

The Italy digital nomad visa offers several advantages, making it a great way to make Italy home.

  1. A one-year validity with the possibility of extension (This is amazing! you can remain in Italy indefinitely in theory, as long as you meet requirements!)
  2. No need to apply for the nulla osta or decreto flussi. (THE main highlight of this visa, setting it apart from the Freelance visa and making it easier for you to come!)
  3. Family Unification – bring your spouse, and kids on over! This offers you a chance to start a new life in Italy with your family.

How do you Apply?

The application process for Italy’s digital nomad visa is still a tad cloudy, as it’s a brand new option. But essentially this is what it would look like:

  1. Gathering the necessary documents, including proof skilled professional status, employment by a company based outside Italy, and valid health insurance coverage. All what is mentioned above.
  2. Setting an appointment with your local consulate.
  3. Submitting the application and documents through the local consulate.
  4. Awaiting approval and following any additional instructions provided by the Italian authorities.
  5. Once approved, head to italy and immediately apply for your Permesso di Soggiorno (learn more about that process here).

Final Thoughts on this new Visa:

Italy’s new digital nomad visa presents a unique opportunity for remote workers to experience life in Italy while maintaining their professional commitments. Italy is a dream destination for working remotely – imagine the great views and great wine you can sip on while you close up a project? As this new visa develops, stay informed and prepare for the application process. Once we hear success (or fail) stories, I’ll be sure to shar the lessons learned.

Disclaimer:This article aims to provide general information about Italy’s digital nomad visa. For the most up-to-date and accurate details, it is recommended to consult official government sources or consult with legal professionals specializing in Italian immigration law.

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