Everything you need to know to move to italy

When you decide to move to Italy, things might feel a little overwhelming.

What visa do you need? How can you purchase a house? What steps do you need to take to get your healthcare?

I'm here to help sort these all out for you. For those of you who don't feel ready for a one-on-one consultation, I offer group sessions covering some of the biggest concerns when making Italy home.

Make Italy Home Courses

From the Dream to Visa to Permesso

This session will cover the basics of moving to Italy, and everything you need to know. It will include a brief intro on mindset, and deciding if moving to Italy is right for you, then we will go over the visas, visa process, the permesso, and the permesso process. We will finish with a Q&A session.


Next Dates: June 4

An Intro to the Partita IVA

This is a deep dive into the world of the Partita IVA. We'll go over the basics: how to set one up, when you might need it, how your taxes work and how to invoice people. But we'll also go over where to find clients, how to present yourself to Italian clients and have a Q&A session.


Next Dates: June 9

Finding a Home in Italy

An overview of how housing in Italy works, whether you are looking to rent, or looking to buy.

This session will go over things to look for when picking a place, how to understand Italian housing ads, and what the process for buying or renting might look like. We'll also touch on the costs of housing and the process!

Next Dates: June 17