Weddings in Italy

I think it’s safe to say most of us have dreamed of weddings in Italy, and of course, it makes sense no? Movies have made it seem that Italians are full of passion, full of romance, full of life, that weddings in Italy must be incredible. While I will say a destination wedding in ItalyContinue reading “Weddings in Italy”

Cost of Living in Italy: Renting in Italy

The real cost of living in Italy can be hard to define as we all have so different lifestyles, and the cost can truly vary drastically from region to region, city to city. Rather than give a soft overview of what I pay (I have talked about this on IG quite a bit) I wantedContinue reading “Cost of Living in Italy: Renting in Italy”

Planning a Hiking Trip in Italy

One of Italy’s greatest beauties is her landscape, her mountains, and national parks. While you may find many tips for planning a trip to Italy’s greatest hits: Rome, Venice, Florence, and the Amalfi Coast, what about planning a hiking trip in Italy? Spending weekends in the Piemontese Alps is one of my favorite activities hereContinue reading “Planning a Hiking Trip in Italy”

Women’s Rights in Italy

You might assume that being home to the Vatican, and a highly catholic country that women in Italy may have a hard time with access to things like birth control or abortion, in truth these things are more accessible than you might think. However, women in Italy were given these rights quite late in theContinue reading “Women’s Rights in Italy”

Visiting Cinque Terre, Italy

One of the most dreamed about vacations in Italy: Cinque Terre. While the Amalfi Coast captures hearts in the South of Italy, Cinque Terre is the go to spot for Northern Italy when seeking gorgeous views, lemon trees, sea cliffs and clear water. Here is what you should know when visiting Cinque Terre. First, WhatContinue reading “Visiting Cinque Terre, Italy”

How to Plan A Trip to Italy

Alright, you have finally decided, you are going to Italy! But where to start, where to go, what do you need to book?! It’s ok I am hear to calm that travel anxiety and break it down for you. Let’s dig in to figure out how to plan a trip to Italy. There is noContinue reading “How to Plan A Trip to Italy”