Best Aperitivo in Turin

Many cities of Italy may claim to be the birthplace of Aperitivo, and even Turin has an origin story to this classic Italian tradition. Aperitivo in Turin began in the 19th century with the social traditions surrounding vermouth and the drink of vermuttino. There developed the practice of Vermouth Hour, where social groups would gatherContinue reading “Best Aperitivo in Turin”

Weddings in Italy

I think it’s safe to say most of us have dreamed of weddings in Italy, and of course, it makes sense no? Movies have made it seem that Italians are full of passion, full of romance, full of life, that weddings in Italy must be incredible. While I will say a destination wedding in ItalyContinue reading “Weddings in Italy”

How do I move to Italy? Here’s how to start a life in Italy

Really there are two questions you might want to ask- How do I move to Italy? And How can I stay in Italy indefinitely? You might think they go hand in hand, but really moving to Italy is all about what is the best visa for you to get, and staying in Italy leads toContinue reading “How do I move to Italy? Here’s how to start a life in Italy”

Cost of Living in Italy: Bills & Living Expenses in Italy

Ready for part two of our cost of living in Italy series? If you missed it, part one talks about renting in Italy and the various things to consider when setting a budget. Now it is time to talk about your monthly bills and living expenses such as groceries, gas, and all the odds andContinue reading “Cost of Living in Italy: Bills & Living Expenses in Italy”

The Italian Elective Residency Visa

Another alternative for moving to Italy is to take advantage of the Italian Elective Residency Visa. This is the ideal option if you are looking to move to Italy when you retire, or if you have been living comfortably, relaxed, and letting your business do its thing. The key thing about this visa is itsContinue reading “The Italian Elective Residency Visa”

Women’s Health in Italy: Finding Birth Control & other questions

When you first move to Italy one of your biggest concerns may be about finding birth control in Italy, then you may wonder about finding the right OB-GYN, what do you do when you have a UTI or have unprotected sex, what are you options. Living in Italy I have faced and figured out manyContinue reading “Women’s Health in Italy: Finding Birth Control & other questions”

Living Plastic Free in Italy

When you first arrive in Italy, it may seem that living plastic free in Italy is not as popular as in other countries. You will see plastic water bottles everywhere, straws, and so much single use waste. Over time I have started to find solutions to the plastic waste I create here in Italy. LetContinue reading “Living Plastic Free in Italy”