A (very brief) Intro to the Camorra

You probably are familiar with the Camorra from Gomorra, both the series and book by Roberto Saviano. The Camorra are one of the main mafie of Italian organized crime groups, primarily working in the region of Campania. Though now they are scattered around the world. While the original book Gomorra was a journalistic view ofContinue reading “A (very brief) Intro to the Camorra”

What is the ‘Ndrangheta

Over the last two years, Italy has worked to arrest hundreds of individuals connected to the ‘Ndrangheta. Starting in January of 2021, over 300 members were brought up on trial with charges ranging from murder and drug trafficking to corruption and money laundering. This is the largest trial against organized crime since the famous maxiContinue reading “What is the ‘Ndrangheta”

January Events

Back with a new line up of January Events. Coming up in 2021, I will be shifting gears, covering wine regions but also looking at some other aspects of Italian history and culture. January 16th- Wines of Abruzzo MoliseFirst wine talk of 2021! We will be looking at the often-overlooked regions of Abruzzo and Molise.Continue reading “January Events”