Best Aperitivo in Turin

Many cities of Italy may claim to be the birthplace of Aperitivo, and even Turin has an origin story to this classic Italian tradition. Aperitivo in Turin began in the 19th century with the social traditions surrounding vermouth and the drink of vermuttino. There developed the practice of Vermouth Hour, where social groups would gatherContinue reading “Best Aperitivo in Turin”

Why you should visit Turin, Italy

If you have been following me on Instagram you already know how beautiful Turin is. I have been living here for about 3 years and though it may be small, I always find new corners to love in this city. But let’s check out the reasons you should visit Turin!  Turin or Torino is situatedContinue reading “Why you should visit Turin, Italy”

Torino’s Treasured Coffee and Cafe Al Bicerin

This post about Cafe Al Bicerin was originally written for Risotto & Steel, a collaborative project exploring the gastronomy of Northern Italy. Coffee in Torino Lately, in light of the controversy of Starbucks opening in Milan, Italy’s coffee culture has felt under attack. Many say this generation of Italians drink so much coffee and payContinue reading “Torino’s Treasured Coffee and Cafe Al Bicerin”