Explore Virtual Italy Events- Airbnb Experiences

While I try to switch up our own monthly events, offering weekly wine and culture talks, another great place for virtual Italy events is over on AirBnb experiences. Since the start of the pandemic, AirBnb offered the option for experiences to go online. I absolutely love Airbnb experiences, I offer two tours through them andContinue reading “Explore Virtual Italy Events- Airbnb Experiences”

Down to Valle Varaita; A Somewhat Successful Road Trip

Lately, every trip I have tried to take has not turned out how I had hoped. So no surprise after a road trip across the region to Valle Varaita, everywhere I wanted to visit last Friday was closed. I had made the trip down to Melle to visit Fioca Gelateria, who I had first metContinue reading “Down to Valle Varaita; A Somewhat Successful Road Trip”