Weddings in Italy

I think it’s safe to say most of us have dreamed of weddings in Italy, and of course, it makes sense no? Movies have made it seem that Italians are full of passion, full of romance, full of life, that weddings in Italy must be incredible. While I will say a destination wedding in ItalyContinue reading “Weddings in Italy”

Do I need to buy museum tickets in advance?

Sometimes buying museum tickets in advance can seem a bit stressful, they add an extra reservation fee and it means you have to head to the museum at a certain day and time. But with some museums in Italy it is definitely worth it to buy museum tickets in advance.

Discovering a New Side of Tuscany: The Maremma

Time to look at a new corner of Tuscany: The Maremma, When you think of Italy, the first region that probably comes to mind is Tuscany, and in particular, the picturesque hills of Chianti; however, Tuscany has so much more to offer besides these vineyards. Did you ever think about Tuscany’s agriculture outside of wineContinue reading “Discovering a New Side of Tuscany: The Maremma”

Why you should visit Turin, Italy

If you have been following me on Instagram you already know how beautiful Turin is. I have been living here for about 3 years and though it may be small, I always find new corners to love in this city. But let’s check out the reasons you should visit Turin!  Turin or Torino is situatedContinue reading “Why you should visit Turin, Italy”

Planning a Trip To Italy: Tips & FAQ

Everyone dreams of visiting Italy, but with so much beauty and great food to offer, it can be overwhelming making your dream a reality. Planning a trip to Italy, if you want it to be perfect, needs a little preparation. Many don’t even know where to start. I decided to take your most asked questionsContinue reading “Planning a Trip To Italy: Tips & FAQ”

Visiting Italy’s Vineyards: Tips for planning a day of Italian wine tasting and winery visits

Does your dream Italy vacation include a day tasting wine in the rolling hills of the Italian countryside? Exploring Italy’s vineyards is the perfect way to spend a day outside of the busy city. There is so much to learn about family traditions, winemaking, and the culture of Italian wine; plus there are plenty ofContinue reading “Visiting Italy’s Vineyards: Tips for planning a day of Italian wine tasting and winery visits”