Best Aperitivo in Turin

Many cities of Italy may claim to be the birthplace of Aperitivo, and even Turin has an origin story to this classic Italian tradition. Aperitivo in Turin began in the 19th century with the social traditions surrounding vermouth and the drink of vermuttino. There developed the practice of Vermouth Hour, where social groups would gatherContinue reading “Best Aperitivo in Turin”

Explore Virtual Italy Events- Airbnb Experiences

While I try to switch up our own monthly events, offering weekly wine and culture talks, another great place for virtual Italy events is over on AirBnb experiences. Since the start of the pandemic, AirBnb offered the option for experiences to go online. I absolutely love Airbnb experiences, I offer two tours through them andContinue reading “Explore Virtual Italy Events- Airbnb Experiences”

Where to see gorgeous Fall Foliage in Italy

You already know it: Italy is beautiful every year. From the dreamy summer beaches of Sardinia to the snowy Alps in the winter, blooming flower-lined cobblestone streets in the spring, and of course: gorgeous fall foliage. Foliage in Italy is just another reason to plan your trip for the Autumn, especially if you were lookingContinue reading “Where to see gorgeous Fall Foliage in Italy”

Visiting Cinque Terre, Italy

One of the most dreamed about vacations in Italy: Cinque Terre. While the Amalfi Coast captures hearts in the South of Italy, Cinque Terre is the go to spot for Northern Italy when seeking gorgeous views, lemon trees, sea cliffs and clear water. Here is what you should know when visiting Cinque Terre. First, WhatContinue reading “Visiting Cinque Terre, Italy”

Do I need to buy museum tickets in advance?

Sometimes buying museum tickets in advance can seem a bit stressful, they add an extra reservation fee and it means you have to head to the museum at a certain day and time. But with some museums in Italy it is definitely worth it to buy museum tickets in advance.

One Week in Italy- Where should I go?

Trying to figure out exactly how to spend only one week in Italy isn’t an easy task. Mainly because it is a large country with much to see and it is most likely you will miss out on some of your Italy bucket lists. However, if you get prepared and lay out your itinerary well,Continue reading “One Week in Italy- Where should I go?”

Why you should visit Turin, Italy

If you have been following me on Instagram you already know how beautiful Turin is. I have been living here for about 3 years and though it may be small, I always find new corners to love in this city. But let’s check out the reasons you should visit Turin!  Turin or Torino is situatedContinue reading “Why you should visit Turin, Italy”