Women’s Rights in Italy

You might assume that being home to the Vatican, and a highly catholic country that women in Italy may have a hard time with access to things like birth control or abortion, in truth these things are more accessible than you might think. However, women in Italy were given these rights quite late in theContinue reading “Women’s Rights in Italy”

Getting a Doctor in Italy

Once you have sorted out your permesso di soggiorno, it’s time for the next step in your living in Italy set up: getting a doctor in Italy. You get to choose your doctor or “medico di base” once you have registered with the local ASL, or Azienda Sanitaria. So first let’s look at how toContinue reading “Getting a Doctor in Italy”

Women’s Health in Italy: Finding Birth Control & other questions

When you first move to Italy one of your biggest concerns may be about finding birth control in Italy, then you may wonder about finding the right OB-GYN, what do you do when you have a UTI or have unprotected sex, what are you options. Living in Italy I have faced and figured out manyContinue reading “Women’s Health in Italy: Finding Birth Control & other questions”