Staying in Italy- Different Permesso di Soggiorno

After nearly 10 years, I have gone through my fair share of permesso di soggiorno appointments and loops and I wanted to share with you the information I know. This article is only relevant if you already have a visa to come here and have obtained your first Permesso di Soggiorno.

Tips for Finding the best places to eat in Italy

Listen, I know what you think: ALL food in Italy MUST be amazing. Sadly this isn’t always the case. It’s actually pretty common when visiting touristy cities that you will find quite mediocre and actually terrible food. Even I have found my share of bad food here in Italy, but after so many years hereContinue reading “Tips for Finding the best places to eat in Italy”

What exactly is the difference between Gelato and Ice Cream

If you have known anyone who has ever been to Italy, you’ll know they come back from their trip saying “Gelato is SO much better than Ice Cream”! Even back in the US “gelato” sales and pop-ups have become more popular than Ice Cream. But what is really the difference between gelato and ice cream?Continue reading “What exactly is the difference between Gelato and Ice Cream”

7 italian cocktails to make at home

We’ve been home long enough that it is time to graduate from easy wine drinking and move on to some cocktails! Most Italian cocktails are fairly simple, as many Italians stick to wine and beer with the occasional Spritz.. But for those of you who love mixing something a bit stronger than a simple caliceContinue reading “7 italian cocktails to make at home”

How to Order a Coffee In Italy

When you first get to Italy, depending on your Italian knowledge, the bar can be a little intimidating. You know they have coffee but what kind, how big, what are the order options? There won’t be a large board menu like American coffee shops, instead, you are expected to know exactly what you want. Here isContinue reading “How to Order a Coffee In Italy”

Get to Know Piemontese: 10 Proverbs & Everyday Sayings!

Every region and even most provinces of Italy have their own dialect or language. They developed from the original Pre-Roman tribes, or even more modern kingdoms and territorial divides. Piemontese is one of these many languages or dialects, really it is still being debated on what exactly to call it. Either way, once you hearContinue reading “Get to Know Piemontese: 10 Proverbs & Everyday Sayings!”