Italy’s Own Santa Claus: San Nicola

Every country or region of the world seems to have its own little Santa Claus story. Whether it is the name Saint Nick, or the trend of bringing gifts to children, you will surely find a saint figure in each culture that fits a Santa Claus story. Even Italy has its own Santa Claus story,Continue reading “Italy’s Own Santa Claus: San Nicola”

A little intro to the Italian Partita IVA

Well, the original title was Everything you need to know – I quickly realized my understanding of this topic is limited. I want to share with you all I know so at least you can get an idea of the options available! If you have moved to Italy and are hoping to open a smallContinue reading “A little intro to the Italian Partita IVA”

Top 10 Traditional Roman Dishes (and Where to Eat Them)

If you’re planning a trip to Italy, trying traditional food is probably high on your list of priorities. However, one of the mistakes that visitors frequently make is thinking that “Italian food” is universal and you’ll find the same dishes across the entire country, which couldn’t be further from the truth. Each of Italy’s 20Continue reading “Top 10 Traditional Roman Dishes (and Where to Eat Them)”

Getting a Doctor in Italy

Once you have sorted out your permesso di soggiorno, it’s time for the next step in your living in Italy set up: getting a doctor in Italy. You get to choose your doctor or “medico di base” once you have registered with the local ASL, or Azienda Sanitaria. So first let’s look at how toContinue reading “Getting a Doctor in Italy”

Your Guide to Italian Rosato

Searching for an Italian RosĂ© on the shelves you will have to look out for the title Rosato. But given the extra syllables, we’ll stick with the classic saying RosĂ© all day. Though France may be famous for these delightfully pink wines, Italian Wine Lovers won’t have to miss out. Many wine regions of ItalyContinue reading “Your Guide to Italian Rosato”