Visit Italy’s Museums for Free Online

Given the recent outbreak of Coronavirus, many have had to, unfortunately, cut their Italian vacations short, or cancel altogether. With an uncertain future, even more, individuals have canceled their upcoming trips for the summer as well. While you may not be able to visit Italy’s museums for a while, luckily Google Art’s & Culture provides virtual exhibitions in many of Italy most popular museums.

What is Google Arts & Culture?

Visit Italy with Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts and Culture is an online platform which documents high resolution images and VR videos of cultural centers and museums around the world. It has proven to be a great tool for museums to catalog their collections and document temporary exhibitions. It also allows for individuals to visit museums and explore art collections all around the world.

Let’s visit Italy’s Museums!


Florence Cathedral Duomo
Cathedral of Florence: Santa Maria del Fiore

Were you planning a trip to Florence? Though you may miss out on the impressive view of seeing the David in person, or the opportunity to climb Brunelleschi’s Dome… You can explore the Uffizi Gallery and Palazzo Vecchio! And even skip all the lines!

Palazzo Vecchio-

Uffizi Gallery-


Rome really is an open air museum, while much can be explored through photos, Google Arts and Culture has documented many of the famous museums. Unfortunately, the Vatican Museums is not on Google, but they do have their own Virtual Tours you can explore here.

Musei Capitolini-

St. John the Lateran:

Mercati di Traiano-

Baths of Diocletian-

La Galleria Nazionale-


Museo delle Mura-

Museo di Roma Trastevere-



Venice’s true beauty lies in her canals, but her historic palaces also hold an abundance of beautiful Renaissance art. Explore some classic pieces of Venetian art with the Doge’s Palace.

Doge’s Palace-

Palazzo Grassi-

Ca’ Pesaro, Gallery of Modern Art-


Milan is a grand mix of art and culture, while you may be most familiar with the Last Supper, take the time to explore Milans many other incredible collections.

Science and Technology Museum-

Museo Diocesano-

Museo del 900-


Sforzesco Castle-

And for the Last Supper you can google any image… that is actually all it is. 


It is such a shame to not be able to share my beautiful city with everyone, but i hope by exploring these collections at the Venaria and Palazzo Madama, that you will be inspired to visit Torino in the future!

La Venaria Reale-

Street Art Museum-

Borgo Medievale-


Palazzo Madama-


Luckily you can still visit Pompeii with an amazing virutal tour!

Explore Pompeii-

Archaeological Museum of Naples-

Museo Capodimonte-

Sassi Matera


Matera, or at least highlights of 2019 Capital of Culture Program:


Valle dei Tempi Agrigento-

Continue your journey

The truth is Google Arts and Culture has more museums and gallery collections than I can share here. But you can continue your journey through all of Italy’s beautiful culture here.

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