Italy With Kids: Where to Visit

If you’re considering a family vacation in Italy, know that of course there is so much to explore, Italy is brimming with adventures for both kids and adults to enjoy. But here’s the thing – while Italy LOVES kids, it can be a hectic destination to visit with young children. Many of the popular destinations like Rome, Venice, and Amalfi, might end up being overstimulating and logistically difficult with little ones. Fear not, I’ve put together some of the best regions of Italy to visit with kids.

My thoughts on visiting Italy with Kids

Honestly – I used to be a strong believer in going wherever, the kids will follow. But since becoming a mom, I have realized certain aspects of travel frustrate my little one, and end up making life more difficult for me. Now, everyone has their own travel style, and every baby is different, so take it all with a grain of salt.

Personally, I have found things that don’t work are:

  • Lots of transportation, and no open walkways for the kids to run on their own (buses are a hassle if full, if there isn’t room to walk or run, you have to always have your eye on them with traffic.)
  • Too many tours or timed events like museum entries or shows – let’s be honest, once we implement a schedule, are kids are going to want to mess with it.
  • Eating in busy settings – again this is very dependent on your own kids. We’ve found she doesn’t eat when we are in a super busy restaurant, she needs a more focused area to actually eat.

These are the things I considered when coming up with this list. In my opinion, the best places to visit are calm spaces with plenty of area for kids to adventure and experience Italy, without being dragged by the hand or in the stroller. So, here goes!

Dolomites: Alpine Adventure for Families

The Dolomites is by far the best region in Italy to visit with kids. They have excellent accommodation options, many of which are family-oriented, offering services and spaces for kids. Consider heading to the Dolomites for an alpine adventure that caters to all ages. Unlike busy cities, the Dolomites offer a peaceful respite for families, providing an immersive outdoor experience in the mountains.

Family-Friendly Hiking Trails

Experience unforgettable family hikes in the Dolomites, where a network of well-marked, family-friendly trails awaits. You’ll find trails of all levels that offer accessibility and scenic beauty, making them ideal for families with young adventurers. From leisurely strolls to moderate hikes, the Dolomites cater to various skill levels, ensuring that everyone can partake in the enchanting outdoor experience. The surrounding mountains, lush meadows, and crystal-clear lakes create a picturesque backdrop for your family time.

Kids fall in love with nature, and the full day of exploring definitely doesn’t hurt to tire them out for a good night’s sleep.

Adventure Parks and Wildlife Encounters

The Dolomites are not only about scenic landscapes but also offer an array of adventure parks and playgrounds that promise thrilling experiences for kids. Adventure Park Colfosco is just one example of these great parks. Rope courses, zip lines, and rock climbing provide a perfect outlet for your little one’s boundless energy.

You’ll also find some unique playgrounds that offer climbing courses and pools to take a dip in. The most famous are the Moviment playgrounds.

Now, imagine the joy on your kids’ faces as they conquer a hiking trail or come face to face with the wonders of the Dolomites. The outdoor escapades in the Dolomites invite you to break away from the chaos of city life and indulge in an agritourism getaway or an exhilarating alpine trip. In the Dolomites, every moment becomes an opportunity for adventure and family togetherness.

Preparing for the Dolomites with Kids

There are so many family-friendly hikes, especially around Alta Badia. I’ve outlined a number in my Dolomites with Kids guide on Thatch. But for those of you who have younger ones, you may want to consider getting a sturdy stroller, or even better, a backpack carrier for hikes (I’m partial to Osprey!).

Tuscany: Enchanting Countryside Escapade

While Tuscany can be busy, it offers a mesmerizing countryside retreat that is perfect for families with kids. The gorgeous landscapes, vineyards, and medieval villages present a serene setting for a memorable Italian adventure with your little ones. Here, you can indulge in the quintessential Tuscan experience, where there’s something for everyone, from enchanting agritourism experiences to engaging cooking classes. Tuscany also offers plenty of outdoor activities for kids to run free and wild.

Agritourism Experience

Tuscany’s agritourisms promise a peaceful and family-friendly atmosphere, providing an authentic taste of Italian rural life. These charming farm stays offer a unique blend of nature, farm activities, and genuine Italian hospitality. Imagine waking up to the gentle sounds of farm animals, strolling through vineyards, and enjoying the simplicity of life in the countryside. It’s an opportunity for your children to experience hands-on farm activities, such as picking fresh fruits and vegetables, feeding animals, and learning about sustainable farming practices.

Many agritourisms offer a pool as well which can be an excellent amenity during the summer months.

With spacious accommodations and vast outdoor areas, kids have the freedom to run, play, and explore in a safe environment.

Cooking Class for Little Chefs

If your kids are more into experiences, luckily Tuscany has plenty of opportunities to engage in a delightful and educational cooking class where little ones can unleash their inner chefs. Tuscany’s culinary heritage provides an excellent platform for children to learn the art of preparing traditional Italian dishes using locally sourced ingredients. From crafting the perfect pasta to creating tasty desserts, these classes offer an interactive experience that fosters creativity and a deeper connection with food.

Encourage your kids to roll up their sleeves and jump into the joy of authentic Italian cuisine. It’s a fantastic opportunity for the entire family to bond over the shared experience of preparing and enjoying a delicious meal.

Tuscany’s timeless allure and family-friendly offerings make it an ideal destination for a calm retreat amidst the captivating Italian countryside, ensuring cherished moments for parents and children alike.

Sardinia: For Fun in the Sun

Are you dreaming of a family vacation filled with endless stretches of sandy beaches and warm, Mediterranean sun? Look no further than Sardinia! This beautiful Italian island is a paradise for families seeking relaxation and outdoor adventures. From building sandcastles to exploring coastal coves, Sardinia offers an unforgettable experience for the whole family. Here’s why Sardinia should be at the top of your list for a family getaway in Italy.

A Beach Lover’s Haven

Sardinia boasts some of the most breathtaking beaches in the Mediterranean. With crystal-clear waters and many sandy beaches, you’ll find yourself immersed in a postcard-perfect setting. From the renowned Costa Smeralda to the secluded coves of Cala Gonone, each beach offers its own unique charm, ensuring that your family will never tire of exploring the coastline.

Here you can choose your adventure level, some beaches require a bit of a hike, but are worth it. Others you can drive right up to.

In my opinion, I’d recommend staying below Olbia, in the Porta San Paolo area, it is a calm area with plenty of accommodation and is close to the ferry and airport. This area is also within driving distance of the Orosei area and the northern beaches like Stintino.

Find my Sardinia recommendations here, or get in touch for a custom guide for your family trip.

Outdoor Adventures for All Ages

Beyond the beaches, Sardinia is a treasure trove of outdoor activities. Embark on a family-friendly hike in the rugged hills of the interior, or take a boat tour to discover hidden grottos and sea caves along the coast. Kids will love the chance to try snorkeling in the clear waters, spotting colorful marine life as they paddle along the shoreline.

While in Sardinia, don’t miss the opportunity to introduce your children to the island’s rich cultural heritage. Visit traditional nuraghe stone ruins, where little ones can play archaeologists for the day, imagining what life was like in prehistoric times.

Sardinia’s natural beauty, coupled with its family-friendly offerings, makes it an ideal destination for parents seeking a laid-back yet adventure-filled vacation with their little ones.

Practical Tips for Families

Accommodation: When planning your stay in all these regions, consider booking a holiday home or a family-friendly hotel equipped with amenities for children. Especially in the Dolomites many accommodations offer kids’ clubs and entertainment options, ensuring that parents can also enjoy some much-needed relaxation.
You might also want to look into the idea of “mezza-pensione” an offer that includes both breakfast and dinner on site at your accommodation. This takes a lot of the planning and food struggles out of your trip!

Transportation: Ideally, you’d want to rent a car, especially for Sardinia. In the Dolomites, depending on where you stay you can find public transportation as well as in Tuscany. Renting a car in all these regions lets you explore at your (or your kids) own pace, giving you the freedom to change schedules as you need.

Last Thoughts on Visiting Italy with Kids

Every family is different and every kid is different, before planning a trip to Italy with kids, just see what they best place would be for you. These are three options I personally love and see as way better for facilities and activities for kids.
Wherever you go: Enjoy!

Custom Guides for Families

Wherever you choose to travel in Italy with your family, make sure you plan the best experience. A tailored custom guide or itinerary can help you take out the stress of planning and just be ready to enjoy Italy. Get in touch if you’d be interested!

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