Travel in Italy in April

While many people plan their trips to Italy in the summer, travel in Italy in April is actually a fantastic choice. The spring weather can be unpredictable, but the warm sunshine offers the best days and if it drizzles, you’ll find plenty of activities to fill your time! Plus, April in Italy is filled with some of the best holidays and events. There’s Easter of course, with every city celebrating in their own way, then there is Vinitaly, and my favorite: Rome’s Birthday!

Keep reading to find out more about visiting Italy in April.

Weather in Italy in April

Aprile piovoso, maggio ventoso, anno fruttuoso

Rainy April, windy May, fruitful year.

Yet again in April, Italian weather is a bit hard to determine. Especially these recent years, where we get much less rain than expected, and surprisingly warm days. The trick is just to pack some layers. You can bet that unless you are going to the mountains, it won’t be freezing, but nights of course can get a little chilly.

Honestly in the last few years April has been my favorite time because we have been hit with those warm spring days that make you throw on your t-shirts early and head out to the local park for a picnic. However, just in case there is a bit of rain, don’t forget to pack a coat!

Here are a few city averages:

  • Turin: 49 – 63℉ (9 – 17℃ ) with an average of about 6 days of rain
  • Rome: 48 – 66℉ (9 – 19℃) average about 8 days of rain
  • Palermo: 55 – 67℉ (13 – 19℃) average about 5 days of rain

Except for trying to face the Dolomites, this month is great for a visit anywhere in Italy, just know you might get a bit of a sprinkle up North.

Little local note also: officially beach stabilmenti aren’t open yet, but some days are plenty warm to lay out on the sand, maybe even just dip your toes. So head to the beach and you’ll be able to enter for free often!

Travel in Italy in April – What Holidays can I catch?

It happens quite often that Easter falls in April.

 Easter is usually celebrated with a large family lunch on the Sunday of, one of those fantastic lunches that never end. Depending on where you are in Italy you’ll find the menu varies, but usually endless appetizers, pasta al forno, and of course a sweet is never missing. You’ll also notice the supermarkets filled with large chocolate eggs, filled with a little surprise.

The Monday after Easter. Italians celebrate Pasquetta, little Easter. Rather than with the family, it is usually celebrated with friends, in the style of a Picnic or BBQ. This is the real mark of Spring, fingers crossed every year for great weather!

The other major holiday you will encounter in April is Liberation Day, celebrated on April 25.Though while it is recognized, there are not big events around the day.

And if you find yourself visiting Rome in April, make sure to be there for Rome’s Birthday! Celebrated on April 21, there is always a major event and reenactment in Rome to celebrate the founding of Italy’s ancient capital.

Here are some more well known festivals and holidays in Italy in April 2023

  • April 2nd: Milan hosts their annual Marathon, expect a bit of traffic if you are in town that weekend!
  • April 9th and 10th- Pasqua and Pasquetta (Easter and Easter Monday!) Easter is a highly celebrated holiday in Italy so if planning to travel this weekend, book tickets well in advance. If you are trying to eat out, remember most restaurants have set menus for the occasion of the holiday, this will also need to be reserved well in advance. Also note potential closures for the holiday.
  • April 9th – Scoppio del Carro in Florence, no one celebrates Easter quite like the Florentines, check out this explosive tradition.
  • April 2-5, 2023 – VinItaly, Verona -The largest wine event to celebrate Italian wines, not to be missed for any professional, but visitors are also welcome to attend and taste their way through the country!
  • April 21st – Natale di Roma, aka Rome’s Birthday, celebrated with dramatic reenactments and parades around Circo Massimo.
  • April 25th – Liberation Day
  • April 25th – Feast of St. Mark in Venice: celebrated with an exciting parade, and the local tradition to gift a rose to your loved one.
  • April 28th – Sardinian People’s Day to mark the day when Sardinians kicked out the Piedmontese Savoy (however, just a few years later they’d be back to bring Sardinia into the Kingdom of Italy.)

April in Italy – Where should I go?

Given the warm weather peeking out, and the low season still keeping major crowds away, April is a great time to explore the cities of Italy -Rome, Florence, Torino, Naples, but also a great time to head down to Sicily!

Since temperatures are rising every year, it is getting a bit unbearably hot on the Island during the summer. However, this time of year offers excellent warm sunshine and great weather for taking in the sites. The sea might still be a tad cold, but the beaches will still be worth visiting!

If you opt to visit the cities, you’ll get to experience lots of great events like Scoppio del Caro in Florence, Rome’s Birthday, and even Vinitaly in Verona. Plus if you do hit a rainy day, it is the perfect time to step into a museum and explore the culture of the city, and if the sun shines, grab a seat in the piazza for a little aperitivo. Enjoy taking in the city without the major crowds, it’s also the perfect time to hop on a small-group food tour, you’ll get to experience the city with a local and take your time tasting all the city has to offer, Devour Tours offers excellent tours in Rome and Florence.

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