Travel in Italy in June

June is a month of sunshine and beautiful weather, which means it’s the start of high tourist season! Don’t let that scare you away from visiting, just know you’ll need to plan ahead and budget a little more soldi, especially if you’re planning to visit one of the locations more favored by tourists (like Florence, Rome or Venice). Know that there are SO many places you can visit that are not tourist hot spots, so don’t let the idea of a “high season” scare you away from travel in Italy in June and enjoying the gorgeous weather.

Weather in Italy in June

The weather in June is very pleasant and only requires a light jacket if you’re heading out for an evening aperitivo. Here are general temperatures ranges:

  • Turin: 64 – 78°F (18 – 26° C)
  • Rome: 61 – 83°F (16 – 28° C)
  • Palermo: 69 – 83°F (21 – 28° C)

Holidays in Italy in June:

There aren’t many major holidays in June, but if you’re looking for a festive atmosphere, I recommend checking if there are any local sagre (food festivals) going on during your visit. It’s a fun opportunity to sample a regional speciality – you know how proud of their culinary heritage Italians are! – and get a taste of local culture. Here is a comprehensive list of sagre happening in spring. Other major holidays include –

  • June 2nd – Festa della Repubblica celebrates the the founding of the Italian Republic. It is a national holiday, so government offices, schools and many businesses will be closed.
  • June 13th – Festa di Sant’Antonio da Padova, Padua. This festival celebrates St. Anthony, the patron saint of travelers. There is a religious procession, market and fireworks.
  • June 21st – Summer Solstice. Head to one of Italy’s famous sites like Brunelleshi’s Duomo in Florence, the Pantheon in Rome, the Duomo of Milan or the Vatican for a special view. At the Pantheon, you can see the sun completely fill the oculus and create a large circle of light on the floor!
  • June 24th – Festa di San Giovanni (celebrated in multiple cities like Florence, Genova and Torino). In Florence, the festival of Saint John the Baptist is celebrated with a procession, a historic football match where teams are divided by four historic districts, and fireworks.
  • June 29th – Festa di SS. Pietro e Paolo in Roma. The feast celebrates Rome’s two patron saints, St. Peter and St. Paul and commemorates their martyrdom. Romans take the day off and celebrate with fairs, food vendors and concerts throughout the city. St. Peter’s square is covered in floral designs painstakingly created by florists and artists which is not to be missed!

So where should you travel in Italy in June?

Check out the Marche. Le Marche in central Italy is a hilly region flanked by the Adriatic sea to the east. It is often overlooked, but has great beaches, wine and places to discover such as Riviera del Conero, Urbino and Pesaro. With 20+ small villages listed as “i borghi più belli d’Italia” (an organization of small Italian villages renowned for their historical and cultural significance) there are plenty of places off the beaten track to get a slice of Italy without the overwhelming crowds that high season brings. If you prefer an active holiday, head to the Parco Regionale Naturale del Conero.

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