How to Travel In Italy on a Budget

Really want to make that trip to Italy happen, but are having a tough time saving up? Traveling in Italy doesn’t have to be an expensive adventure, in fact, Italy isn’t too expensive at all. You just have to know how to plan your trip right. Here are some tips on how to travel in Italy on a Budget.


The best way to budget travel in Italy is when it comes to accommodation is, of course, choosing hostels. This can be a great solution for some solo travelers, or for quick nights.

But personally, as the years have gone on, I’ve found myself wanting a little more comfort. Plus, when you travel with a partner, mixed hostel rooms are not the comfiest. It’s much nicer to stay in a proper hotel or vacation house, and there’s no reason you can’t make this happen on a budget.

So how to travel in Italy on a budget, but keep great comfort?

Skip the Instagram dream, and lower your standards just a tad, you can find a perfectly nice hotel just outside the center that will do the job for much cheaper. Try to search for just the essentials: comfy bed, private bathroom, and breakfast are always nice.

Searching on a third-party website like Booking or Expedia can be a great way to compare offers, but I highly suggest then reaching out directly to the hotel. Sometimes they may offer discounts or great offers directly on their website.

You also may want to consider staying in one spot longer as there can be good deals on longer stays.

Airbnb is a better option for long stays, as you can save on eating out and use a kitchen. However, with all the added-on fees and the saturation of Airbnb’s, the price actually ends up being higher than a hotel, and not worth it for a quick stay.

Getting Around

When planning getting around, hopping from one city to another, or even getting around the city, there are a few tips to save on costs. Before booking tickets, take the extra time to compare the cost of train vs plane and commute to the airport. A cheap flight might look enticing, but if you add the 50euro taxi ride to it, then it may be cheaper to go with a train.

If you are planning on hopping around a lot, busses may be available and are a good cheap option. But if you have a credit card, you may be able to find a better deal on car rentals.

In the city, the best trick is: to walk! Walk everywhere and explore even more. But if you think you will be covering a lot of ground, grab a multi-pass.  In fact, many cities may offer a great deal on a tourist pass, giving you transport and entrance to multiple museums.


How to travel in Italy on a budget when there is so much to see? There is a lot to see out and about, that will be free. But standard museums can cost about 8+ euros and if you want to see a few in a short trip, they can really add up. As I said, many cities like Rome and Florence will offer a tourist pass that can get you into a number of museums. The whole region of Piedmont and Lombardy even has a year-long “Abbonamento Musei” that gets you into hundreds of museums. These can definitely be worth it.

You normally can find info on the city’s official tourism website, or head to the tourist office when you get to town.

If you are really trying to cut costs, then skip the museums, take a wander through the streets, and pop in and out of local churches, you’ll see plenty!

If you are like me and love hoping in on an experience while traveling, you might want to try a food tour. These are a few I highly recommend.

Eating out

One of the toughest areas to budget on when you travel in Italy is eating out. Everything looks so good and you want to try it all! One way you can make the most out of your trip and get a great meal is by checking out Airbnb Experiences, seeing where you can take a food tour or cooking class. This way you have a great experience, get to know the city and get fed all in one.

Otherwise, for a one-week trip I like to reserve two fancier restaurant meals, then stick to street food or grabbing things from the market if my accommodation has a kitchen.

And the real secret? Aperitivo! Ok well, this depends on where in Italy you are, but you can usually get drinks and plenty of food for about 10 euros. This was an old trick from Uni but still holds strong when we travel.

My partner and I also always agree to order different local specialties each so we can split and taste more while saving. For example, maybe I will get an appetizer and primo, while he will get another appetizer and secondo, then we share a dessert!

So how to travel in Italy on a budget?

It’s all about planning and taking the extra minute to research the best option. That’s where I come in to help! With a personalized travel guide or itinerary, you’ll receive tailored recommendations that fit just your budget. Find out more here.

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