Travel in Italy in March

If you are planning to travel in Italy in March, you’re in for a quiet, but beautiful visit. This is still a month considered a bit in the off-season, but the weather begins to warm and the days get longer making it a great time to visit all around the peninsula.

As for the weather, while the mountains will still be cold, with occasional snow, you’ll get the perfect balance of sunny warm days and cooler rainy ones in every region. To give you a general idea most places will have temperatures in the 50s-60s. In the north, however, our mornings are still cold with early temps in the 30-40s. And if you hit the right day, down in Sicily you might even grab a sunny 70s day.

This is the best time of year to hit up any region of Italy, just know the coastal areas of the North might see a little more rain.

Travel in Italy in March – What Holidays will I meet?

March is a fairly quiet month in Italy, you will be around for International Women’s Day on March 8th. While there is no official observance, and it is not an official holiday, you will see lots of events on the occasion of the event.

Also, you may find occasionally that Easter falls in March, this means a long weekend of celebrating, where offices are closed the Monday following Easter for Pasquetta.

 Easter is usually celebrated with a large family lunch on the Sunday of, one of those fantastic lunches that never end. Depending on where you are in Italy you’ll find the menu varies, but usually endless appetizers, pasta al forno, and of course a sweet is never missing. You’ll also notice the supermarkets filled with large chocolate eggs, filled with a little surprise.

The Monday after Easter. Italians celebrate Pasquetta, little Easter. Rather than with the family, it is usually celebrated with friends, in the style of a Picnic or BBQ. This is the real mark of Spring, fingers crossed every year for great weather!

March in Italy – Where should I go?

In recent years, March brings quite surprisingly warm weather, though, in theory, it should be bringing rain. The constant toss-up makes it a little tough to decide where to go, but you can rest assured wherever you go, you won’t be finding large crowds just yet.

Although I am partial, Piedmont is a great place to visit in March, no matter the weather. With sunny Spring days, you can catch the spring flowers blooming in Turin’s many surrounding parks, take a leisurely trip through the Langhe and taste outside. Plus sometimes there is still a bit of snow in the mountains for you. If it does rain, Turin’s numerous museums or palaces offer something to do!

This makes it also a great time to visit Florence and Rome. The big crowds won’t have descended yet, so you can make sure to see everything at your own pace. If the weather is nice you can take day trips to the surrounding countryside, or even take a walk through the city. If it rains, pop into one of the many museums on your list, sign up for a cooking class, or settle in for a good book in a cozy wine bar.

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