Travel in Italy in September

September is a beautiful month to visit Italy. The weather is warm, so if you’re in the mood to celebrate the last days of summer at the beach, you’ll be in luck (especially towards the beginning of the month). With kids returning to school, crowds usually dissipate towards the end of the month but note that prices can still be a little high as it’s still considered a tourist month. But let’s explore more about traveling in Italy in September.

Weather in Italy in September

The weather in Italy in September is still warm, but later in the month, you will definitely want to keep a sweater on hand (especially if you’re in the north).

  • Turin: 62 – 73°F (17 – 23°C)
  • Rome: 60 – 81°F (15 – 27°C)
  • Palermo: 70 – 82°F (21 – 28°C)

Holidays in Italy in September

There are no public holidays in Italy during September, but there are still plenty of opportunities to celebrate! From a lantern festival to more feast days, and music and film festivals, plan and book tickets (especially if you want to go to the famed Venice Film Festival) to be part of the action!

  • September 3 – Regatta Storica, Venice – This regatta dates back to the 13th century, though the modern regatta dates back to 1841. At this time, it was promoted as a way for gondoliers to maintain their rowing skills, but over time it came to symbolize the incredible history of the city of Venice. Don’t miss the water parade that begins the regatta, including historical gondolas and costumes!
  • August 30 – September 9 – Venice Film Festival – With tickets for as little as under 10 euros, this glamorous festival is not to be missed if you’re in Venice. Who knows, you may even spot a celebrity.
  • September 6 – 10 – Peperoncino Festival, Diamante – Dedicated to Calabria’s favorite pepper, this festival is a great opportunity to enjoy some folklore. If you’re feeling brave, enter the Italian Chili Pepper Eaters Championship.
  • September 7 – Festival of Paper Lanterns, Florence – Celebrating a time when farmers would bring their goods to market and travel before sunrise (needing lanterns to light the way), this festival includes a market with many beautiful hand-crafted paper lanterns.
  • September 19 – Feast of San Gennaro, Naples – The patron saint of Naples is celebrated on this day as it is said to be the day his blood, contained in a vial, becomes liquid each year. You can attend mass at the Duomo if you want to see the miracle for yourself, or join the procession and party later!

So where should you travel in Italy in September?

If you’re looking for a unique experience to see the gorgeous fall foliage, check out the Vigezzina – Centovalli Railway. This train links the mountainous towns of Domodossola in Piedmont with Locarno in Switzerland. The trip takes a little less than 2 hours and provides majestic views of the Vegezzo Valley, waterfalls, rivers, and gorges. Tickets run around 33-43 euros. If you’re craving a very fall-themed experience, but find pumpkin lattes disgusting, this is a must!

Check out this blog for some of my favorite places to see a bit of Fall Foliage in Italy.

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