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Planning a Trip to Italy — Personalized Italy Trip Itineraries & Plans

Planning a trip to Italy can be stressful with so many destinations to choose from, so many sites to see, foods to try and things to do!  Add on top of this that the Italian language sometimes becomes a challenge and the dream Italian vacation doesn’t seem as relaxing as it once did.  Having everything laid out for you in a clear Italy travel plan will leave more time for you to relax and fully enjoy your Italian vacation. Let me help you find the perfect Italian itinerary for your style.

Find the off the beaten path neighborhoods and the best local restaurants for every corner of Italy you visit. Avoid tourist traps to make sure your visit to Italy is as authentic as can be.

Explore the best solutions for your dream trip to Italy with three travel packages. Let me help you find the best itineraries or even take care of all the planning for you!  Let’s make your Italy trip unforgettable and authentic.

Interested in one of these options? Send me an e-mail outlining when you are thinking to travel and what you are looking for and we can start working on your ideal Italian vacation!


Sip on some fine Italian wines and learn more about wine traditions! Hop on a one-hour virtual tasting with me. We will focus on 2-3 Italian Wines. You can choose your favorite region, variety or style OR I will choose a surprise variety or region. Include tasting note journal, tasting cheat sheet, and pairing ideas. Find out more and book via email

Guided Wine & Cheese Tastings

Piemonte offers some of the best Italian wines in the world, boasting great reds like Barolo and Barbaresco, friendly bottles of Barbera and even their fantastic white Arneis. With over 17 DOCG (Protected and Guaranteed Origin) wines in this region alone, there is plenty to taste and learn.  Let me guide you through the landscape of Piemontese wines to taste some of the world-renowned red wines as well as some lesser-known traditional ones as well.

I will guide you through a wine tasting of select bottles, paired with cheeses and small regional bites. If you want to get a taste for the larger wine scene of Italy, we can also organize a national Italian wine tasting with some of my favorite wines from the South to the North of Italy.

These tastings can be organized for a minimum of 2 participants and can be hosted in a local store or in the comfort of your Airbnb or apartment.

If you are interested in a Winery Tour through Piedmont, I suggest having a look at Scarlet & Hues for a boutique wine experience! You can also read more tips about how to plan a tour to the vineyards here.

Send me a message with the type of wine tasting you were hoping for and we can organize for your trip to Torino!

Tours in Turin

At the moment I offer small-group food tours in Turin. You can check them out here!

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