Do I need to buy museum tickets in advance?

Sometimes buying museum tickets in advance can seem a bit stressful, they add an extra reservation fee and it means you have to head to the museum at a certain day and time. But with some museums in Italy, it is definitely worth it to buy museum tickets in advance.

For instance the Vatican Museums and Uffizi.

By buying in advance you ensure speedy entrance and skipping a line. If you wait to buy them at the door, you risk a long long wait (possibly under the hot sun in summer) or being tricked by one of the famous “tour guides” into paying three times the price.

Try to buy your online tickets directly from the museum, rather than a third party. As these third party tickets are sometimes not accepted, and also add even extra costs.

You are also required to buy tickets in advance for the Last Supper viewing in Milan

Click below to watch a walkthrough on how to buy museum tickets in advance

-Vatican Museums

Uffizi you can buy your tickets at this link.

-The Last Supper manages ticket sales through VivaTicket, you can purchase them here. You can also show up at 8 am and grab a ticket in person as they do reserve a set amount of tickets to be bought on-site, or if someone has cancelled their reservation.

For most other museums it is not required to buy tickets in advance, and you can save the reservation fee by buying on site.

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