Planning a Hiking Trip in Italy

One of Italy’s greatest beauties is her landscape, her mountains, and national parks. While you may find many tips for planning a trip to Italy’s greatest hits: Rome, Venice, Florence, and the Amalfi Coast, what about planning a hiking trip in Italy? Spending weekends in the Piemontese Alps is one of my favorite activities hereContinue reading “Planning a Hiking Trip in Italy”

What is the Langhe? Piedmont’s best wine region

If you have already explored Northern Italian wines, chances are you have already heard of the Langhe. The Langhe is one of Piedmont’s best wine regions, located just south of Turin. This beautiful region is filled with medieval Borghi and historic castles, rolling hills, plenty of vineyards, and delicious food. Let’s take a better lookContinue reading “What is the Langhe? Piedmont’s best wine region”

Discovering a New Side of Tuscany: The Maremma

Time to look at a new corner of Tuscany: The Maremma, When you think of Italy, the first region that probably comes to mind is Tuscany, and in particular, the picturesque hills of Chianti; however, Tuscany has so much more to offer besides these vineyards. Did you ever think about Tuscany’s agriculture outside of wineContinue reading “Discovering a New Side of Tuscany: The Maremma”

One Week in Italy- Where should I go?

Trying to figure out exactly how to spend only one week in Italy isn’t an easy task. Mainly because it is a large country with much to see and it is most likely you will miss out on some of your Italy bucket lists. However, if you get prepared and lay out your itinerary well,Continue reading “One Week in Italy- Where should I go?”

How to Plan A Trip to Italy

Alright, you have finally decided, you are going to Italy! But where to start, where to go, what do you need to book?! It’s ok I am hear to calm that travel anxiety and break it down for you. Let’s dig in to figure out how to plan a trip to Italy. There is noContinue reading “How to Plan A Trip to Italy”

How to Order a Coffee In Italy

When you first get to Italy, depending on your Italian knowledge, the bar can be a little intimidating. You know they have coffee but what kind, how big, what are the order options? There won’t be a large board menu like American coffee shops, instead, you are expected to know exactly what you want. Here isContinue reading “How to Order a Coffee In Italy”